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A Soothing Self-Coaching Exercise Using Tarot

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

There are so many ways to combine coaching and Tarot. One of my favorite things to do is designing custom exercises for my clients to help them overcome their inner blocks and limitations by creating constructive belief systems. Here is a simple self-coaching exercise using Tarot that you can do at home right now!

(video below!)

This exercise is a great way to:

- feel comfortable with the cards in times of anxiety

- work on your limiting beliefs

- create a stronger sense of control over your life and destiny

- remind yourself you are in charge

- deactivate negative thoughts

- soothe fears and replace them with peace

Tarot can be a daunting tool when you're on edge or not yet in a place of total trust... because the cards can be blunt! They read your energy, revealing your most deeply hidden thoughts and beliefs (which is great, once you know something requires your attention, you can get to work.)

But have you ever felt scared of a reading? I have!! Or simply lost as to where to even start with a question? When that's the case, this exercise is safe and empowering. No matter why you may find yourself in need of soothing and re-calibrating, this exercise will work wonders. It also works when you're feeling great and want to build on that energy!

Soothe Yourself into Better Feeling Beliefs Using Tarot Cards

Here's how to do this exercise:

1. Take your favorite Tarot deck and sit somewhere comfy, ideally with a notebook in case you'd like to write some of this down (that's optional.)

2. Shuffle the cards and start going through the deck, picking one card at a time. You can just shuffle and pick in a very casual way or lay them on the table as you would for an actual reading. How you set it up does not matter. The only thing that is important is the feeling and vibe. Do what feels comfortable and genuine to you! Sometimes I do this at a coffee shop for ten minutes or make it a full on ritual for an evening.

3. Stop at each card you choose and feel the message that pops up first. If it's an inherently positive card (like the Sun or Temperance) think of the keywords that come to mind and build on that.

Example of a card to reinforce: The Sun. Words that could come to mind include: Love, success, I get what I want, I am built for success, I am seen and appreciated, I feel warm, opportunities are all around, this is the right path etc.

Feel free to repeat the same keywords and write them down if that feels comfortable.

If a card resonates negatively with you, or is usually charged with warnings, don't look away: let's prove those low vibrating thoughts wrong by replacing fear with trust. Here's how.

Example of a card to contradict: The Devil. If the first thing that comes up is fear of betrayal or lies, start a flow of words that contradict this. I trust people and they trust me. I am genuine and attract good people into my life. I am surrounded by love. I am healthy in my relationships. I trust my own judgement. I know I have nothing to fear. The Devil got nothing on me. I release fear now.

See the logic? You can do this with any card and on any topic.

If you want to specifically work on a subject that has been bugging you (or that you want to reinforce), choose your cards first. For instance, get the the major arcana and the suit of Pentacles to work on money related beliefs. Grab only the suit of Cups (with or without major cards) to work on love and relationships. Make this exercise your own, you literally can not do it wrong or mess it up.

You can do this for 5 minutes or 2 hours.

Just keep going while you're inspired and comfortable. This works best when you're not pushing or draining yourself, especially when you're feeling vulnerable and are doing this to heal and regain your powers.

Leave a comment if you tried and want to share your experience :)

Want to know more about Tarot Coaching? See my individual sessions, check out this intro video or one of my monthly packages.



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