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Money, Money, Money! Improving your Finances with Tarot (Pt.1)

Updated: Aug 30, 2021


Tarot is often associated with love and relationships. And while many questions I get from my sitters are related to their love life, they almost always also have concerns or questions about their finances. If only towards the end of the session.

When it comes to money, predicting and improving your finances with Tarot is fairly simple.

After all, this is a huge aspect of our modern life. It’s also a great source of concerns, stress and questions. And whenever there is stress or questions: Tarot has an answer. That’s the beauty of it!  

When it comes to money, I find that the minor suits give better results and more clarity than the major cards and I like to make them the stars of the spread.

I basically swap the roles and make the minor the most important cards and the major become secondary. The major cards help me see which cause or aspect of the sitter’s life is directly linked with a financial event. But the finances themselves are predicted and guided by the minor cards.

Below is a short overview of (some of the) minor cards to look out for in a spread dedicated to your financial situation.


Finances Money Tarot

There are many possible tarot spreads that can help you see clearer when it comes to finances and money.

One of my favorites is a yearly spread, which clearly divides the quarters of the year just like you would for any business and look in details at the warnings, opportunities and general predictions.

Doing this spread once a year has always given me great results. It looks at both the quarters and the semesters. But this 15 cards spread is a little bit complex and I might add a dedicated tutorial for it later on!

There are also easier ways to look into your finances with your Tarot deck, for example by using only the suit of Coins (or Pentacles).

Here is one simple way to do it. Separate the suit of Coins (or Pentacles) from your deck. Only keep these 14 cards and leave out the rest. Mix your cards and follow the tutorial below.

online tarot reading for money or work


You are now only working with the suit of Coins/Pentacles. All the other cards should be put away.

Mix your 14 cards with care, focusing on your financial situation and concerns. Then pick 3 cards.

The first card will show your current situation. The second card is your financial advice, it may be a warning or comforting card, look into the details of its message. The 3rd card shows how your financial situation will evolve in the near future.

Finances Money Tarot

This spread above for example shows a stable situation where money is earned righteously and comes from a legitimate source. The employer could even be a very important company or person.

There is no immediate risk and the income is not only stable, it is very good. The advice from the Knave is to be careful with any investment or spending at this point. Even if the situation is positive, continued efforts and reasonable spendings are called for.

Now is not a time to waste money or treat oneself, but a time to be clever about how to invest or save in the best way.

The sitter should look out for such opportunities as they are about to come their way. The evolution continues to be positive and the sitter will be rewarded for their wisdom and for being reasonable. A very positive spread all around with a good, friendly advice in the middle.

This particular reading is relatively easy to learn. If you are a beginner, feel free to use a reference book to understand the details of each card and be sure to take notes.


If you want to be more thorough, you could complete this spread by adding one line of 3 cards below, using the major arcana.

These additional cards would give you more specific information, especially regarding the warning and your future situation. The Devil would confirm that spendings or investing with someone would be a bad idea right now and enforce the warning message. The Magician could announce a new work opportunity leading to better income.

There would be other ways to read into your financial situation and future. I’ll go in more details with a different tutorial in a soon-to-come post about money and Tarot.

Have you tried this spread? Share your experience or tips by leaving a comment below!

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