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How Can Tarot Help Me?

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

I decided to write this post after I spoke with an old friend of mine visiting town some time ago. He used to live in England and just got separated. But we always kept in touch. So we were talking about this and that like old friends do when he started asking me about Tarot.

He never had a Tarot reading done for him and like many men, he is more skeptical than most women often are about it. Still, he was curious.

He asked if I would read the cards for him. I said sure, but only if he'd take it seriously. The cards need to be respected to speak I explained. He wasn't sure if I was being serious... as if the cards had feelings!

I said "I don't know how it works exactly. I guess it is about being receptive, hearing and seeing things others don't and translate these signals in our everyday language. Maybe the future has already happened somewhere. If so, there might be a way of sensing it". That left him a little confused, and a little more curious.

Then he said " ok, look at me, I'm separated. We're getting a divorce. I know how it ends. What can Tarot do for me at this point?"

Discovering Tarot for the First Time

That's when it hit me.

If you read Tarot on a daily or regular basis, it is so obvious what Tarot can do, but for many people it is not always so clear. So I decided it was time to answer this apparently simple question with a clear list.

Tarot can do almost anything when it comes to guidance. It is the most powerful coaching tool that could ever be used.

The cards are always well put to use if you need advice on what to do next. Many spreads don't even include any fortune telling at all.

For example, it is very common to sit with your Tarot deck and simply draw 4 cards. One will speak of your present situation, a next step that would help you grow, the 3rd card will tell you what you should absolutely avoid and one reveal something you had not noticed around you.

Yep. I just gave you a 2 lines tutorial! And that's just one of many simple spreads that one could do anytime to see a little clearer or get quick and easy advices from the cards.

Guidance and fortune telling are probably the two keywords when it comes the our beloved decks. But there's more.

Tarot can tell you who is out there to help you achieve a specific goal. Who is working against you or simply not being truthful. It can reveal things that were right there all along and that you didn't notice like a difficult colleague going through a rough patch who would actually love to open up and become your friend.

Tarot can help you handle the difficult separation you are going through. It can also draw your very own portrait, revealing strengths, weaknesses and potential. The uses are almost endless, and that's the beauty of it.

Tarot can predict future events and let you foresee the most likely outcome of a situation, but as you can see it is also a powerful tool to help you make the best decisions and see clearer in times of doubt and uncertainties.

You may also consider how to approach the cards for the best results. Check out 5 Things not to Ask Tarot

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