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Victorian Fairy Tarot Video Review

The Victorian Fairy Tarot is one of my favorite decks. I wrote a blog post about it some time ago, which you can find here.

But I thought a little video review would be a lovely way to showcase these wonderful cards.

This is one of my favorite go-to-deck for guidance, predictions and inspiration. I has opened many doors for me when I started working with it years ago. I love how these cards tell a story and apply to any possible situation in life, remain faithful to our Tarot tradition and let us explore at the same time.


I fell in love with this deck and I'm usually not into fairies. So if you are, do not hesitate. And if you're unsure, check out this little video overview so you can make up your mind.

I love this deck because for

  • the meaningful details on every card

  • the seasons used for the minor suits

  • the stories behind every fairy or character

  • the wonderful companion book

  • the clarity it offers in a reading

If you use the Fairy Victorian Fairy Tarot, I would love to know your opinion on it. What kind of readings do you prefer to use it for? How do you connect with specific cards? Leave a comment :)

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