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A Year In Review Tarot: a reading to start the year or a new page in your life.


The Year in Review Tarot is a huge, in-depth reading that consists of a Celtic cross, a seasonal oracle, the Dance of Happiness and the answer to 2 specific questions of your choice.


You will get your own booklet of a minimum of 20 pages filled with insights about the past and predictions for the future. This is the book that will guide you for the year to come!


The aim of this in-depth reading is to cover all aspects of your life. Diving deep into the subconscious with different decks of cards, I will shed light on the events of the past year, helping you make the best of your experiences while revealing the most important things to be prepared for.


This reading is not just geared towards predictions but is a vibe check of where you stand and are most likely headed based on past actions and current position. It is made to empower you!


This is basically a coaching & Tarot session in a custom PDF book you get to refer to whenever you like.


Advices, predictions and inspiration for a strong, peaceful mind and successful transition into the new year.



How it works:


Order your Year In Review Tarot Reading. I will then send you a short questionnaire to help tailor the reading for you (questions include very small things such as your star sign, first name, first name of your partner if applicable etc.) to ensure the most accurate reading.


I will then proceed to your reading doing several spreads and prepare a full PDF report, which you will receive per email within a few days.


The report includes pictures of your spreads, detailed interpretations and a general summary of the cards' messages and predictions for you. The report is usually about 20 pages long... often more!


If you have any question prior to ordering don't hesitate to contact me.

A Year in Review Tarot

  • This session includes at least 5 spreads and sometimes more (depending on the energies at play)

    It is a once a year investment that will help keep you on track and feel empowered, ready and clear.

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