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Are you ready for your live video Tarot reading? Grab a big mug of tea and let's dive in deep into your life.


A live Tarot session allows for you to ask spontaneous questions and dive into many areas of your life (or focus on that big thing right now while going with the flow of the deck). It is not only customisable like an online reading, it is adapted to you every step of the way.



During your session we will

  • Assess your situation and look at the bigger picture
  • Answer specific questions in details (including guidance and/or predictions)
  • Discuss solutions and predictions offered by the cards to help you make the best decisions
  • Customize every minute of the session according to your needs and what the cards reveal as we go


Topics usually covered include love life, career decisions, general well being, family life and much more.


What a session can be for:

  • specific or general questions and get clear answers
  • predictions
  • guidance and counselling
  • help working towards your goals and manifestations


A session can focus on predictions and/or guidance. It is entirely up to you. Some people do not want predictions but find amazing advice during a session (like coaching), most people love a mix of both. This is always a decision we can make together before your session starts.


How to make the most of the session:

  • ensure you have a good internet connection to avoid interruptions
  • make time for your session (it will usually take about an hour and some change)
  • be in a quiet environment where you don't get interrupted by others and feel comfortable
  • block some time after your reading to reflect and soak up the energy of your session



Contact me if you have any questions prior to ordering your session. Once you proceed to the payment, I will send you a link to choose a slot for your reading with options within 48hours tops.


All sessions happen on Skype or Google Meet depending on your preference.


I can't wait to read for you ✨


With Kind Blessings,

Lou x

Live Video Tarot Reading

  • ✨YOU get to choose a deck

    ✨YOU choose the topics

    ✨YOU decide on the angle (predictions, guidance, coaching)

    ✨✨This is spiritual ME time at its best ✨✨

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