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This classic Online Tarot reading is an in-depth reading that can give you answers to any question you have, while providing precious guidance. You'll get an audio recording of the session with the pictures of your spreads.


I use different spreads and decks to reveal the true nature of your situation. The cards will answer your questions and offer guidance immediately. This reading will include predictions and uncover where you are taking yourself on this journey.


The cards will also offer guidance on how to get what you want and how to be in control so you can feel better and more serene.


The classic Online Tarot reading is perfect to answer any questions about your love life, work situation or finances. It is everything you'd get from a regular session and more (as you get to keep your audio report to dive back in when needed).



Ordering is easy:


Order your online Tarot reading here and add your questions during check out.


We can focus the reading on your love life, career or else. Up to 4 specific questions are included and will be completed with at least one general and one closing spread. 


I will read the cards for you and send a detailed report usually within 1-2 days.


The session is usually made of 4-5 spreads based on your questions and specific concerns.


Every reading is unique and tailored for your needs. Answers can cover one area of your life you would like to focus on or be general.


You can request for me to only read about your love life, diving deep into the present and future with predictions and answers. Or we can answer one question for love, one for work and one for family and do a more general spread for any surprises and advices that may be in the cards for you.


The possibilities are limitless and I will always craft your session according to your immediate situation and unique needs.


The report includes pictures of your Tarot reading and the detailed messages from the cards. 


***Once you've booked your reading, I will need your star sign, first name and location.

There is a NOTES area in the checkout section where you can add that information.***


If you have any question prior to ordering your reading, please read the FAQ or contact me directly.


*Your session usually takes place within 1 day after placing the order. The audio and pictures are ready within 2-3 days total.

Audio Tarot Reading (In Depth)

  • You will receive an MP3 recording of your reading and the pictures of your spread at the email address provided at checkout.

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