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Past Lives + Birth Chart TAROT READING BUNDLE!


This is the ultimate Origin Story bundle!!


I adore this new bundle because I truly believe that these are two of my most powerful readings, combining the power of Tarot and astrology to give you the deepest insights about yourself. 


Both readings are very substantial: the birth chart reading with Tarot comes with a 30+ pages PDF report made JUST FOR YOU. The past lives reading consists of up to 8 different spreads including your Karmic cycle, the details of your past lives and a closing reading to help guide you in the future. It’s HUGE! 


This is by far one of my most complete Tarot offers and it goes so damn deep. Combining both readings really make for the ultimate experience that will enlighten you in ways that will blow your mind. From the places and experiences you’ve had before, to the astrological programming of your current chart and the tools that are available to you at this point to live up to your full potential… It’s all in here. 


And what’s a bundle without a hefty saving included 💜 ✨ ?? While both readings are available on their own (and are absolutely amazing), you will save $150 with this bundle, which also makes it my best deal on the whole site! 


See the details of both readings below and imagine the POWER of them combined!

Reading 1: The Past Lives Reading (value $299)


✨Past Lives Tarot Reading: the key to the present lies in the past✨


This special reading reveals the details of your past lives and help you understand your current journey so much better. The purpose of this reading is to discover the journey and purpose of your soul.

This reading will define how many past lives you have had, what they were and what you have learned from them. It comes with a Karmic reading to reveal the journey of your soul.✨


The soul never forgets


Expect a lot of information including past gender, location, era, family and social situations, main challenges, the lessons and issues you carried into you other lives (and the present one)... this is a goldmine of information that will amaze you and shed new light onto your current experience.


Have you ever felt like you knew something you've never learned or been somewhere you could not possibly have visited before?

The reason is likely to be found in a very distant past, which can be revealed by the cards.


This is a wonderfully rich reading that reveals many details of your past lives, explaining aspects of your present situation and destiny that can be very helpful to understand the 'bigger picture'.

Sitters often feel like so many things make more sense after this reading! It's like being able to look really deep down below the surface and shed light on things that were not visible and were yet impacting you very profoundly.


The lessons and experience of your past lives are a part of you and continue to influence how you feel and react to your environment and the people you meet on your path.


The length of your spread depends on how many lives you've had, knowing that this reading will cover a maximum of 6 lives (from the most to least recent, based on the 7 lives cycle).


What goes around comes around... What's coming around for you?✨


Reading 2: Tarot Birth Chart Reading (value &$350)

A lifetime guide... to yourself.


Discover your astrological destiny and achieve your dreams with:

  • a Tarot reading of your astrological destiny

  • a full birth chart reading

  • a 30+ pages PDF made only for you


This is one of my most complete readings to date. The report and reading that comes with it will shed light abour your very soul, your core, values, experiences and more... It will guide you all through your life.


Do you ever feel like some things were meant to be? Or not... Like you have been walking down a path you didn't understand up to a revelation that would clarify everything? 

Do you ever feel lost but still know in your heart that the explanation will be right around the corner?

Do you have a hard time keeping a lover despite your dedication and passion?

You may want to look at that Scorpio Moon or Venus in Aries... And add a little bit of Tarot to guide you through it all.


This is exactly how I approach my birth chart readings. While doing your natal chart, I'll combine a classic knowledge of Western astrology with the power of Tarot, making this reading incredibly unique and profound.


Understanding your deeper self is the first step towards success and happiness.


What to Expect

This session starts with your birth chart reading, based on your birth date and time (if available) and location. Your birth chart allows to go way deeper into your astrological portrait to understand which signs and planets affect your destiny, special talents, communication, love life, career and personal growth. It is like looking into the DNA you inherited from the stars.


I then add Tarot cards onto your placements and proceed to a unique reading that reveals your true destiny in matters of love, career and spirituality.


Your report will include:

  • Your birth chart reading: in depth analysis of your planetary signs, house placements and main aspects

  • Pictures of your Tarot spreads and an in-depth interpretation

  • Expect a 30+ pages PDF report within about week 


Everything is entirely personalised FOR YOU!


How it Works

Once you've placed your order, I will ask you to provide me with your birth date, time and location (this is very important, please try to have this information ready when you order). If your birth time is not available, we can leave it out but it does make a difference as your reading will be more detailed with it.

Your current location, family and employment status will guide your Tarot predictions. It will help me situate you on your life path.


I will proceed to your reading and deliver your 30+ pages PDF report within about a week. I do not use templates and each report is based on your birth chart and Tarot reading, making this one of the most specific, unique and in-depth reading possible ✨


If you have any questions at all prior to placing your order, please contact me. I'm always happy to answer your questions and cannot wait to be part of your beautiful journey ✨✨✨




Past Lives + Birth Chart TAROT READING BUNDLE!

  • Your in-depth Birth Chart reading

    • Your Astrological Destiny Tarot reading

    • Your Karmic Cycle Reading

    • An in-depth spread for each of your past lives

    • A guidance reading to conclude this mega session

    • Pictures of all your spreads

    With a total of over 50 pages of reading for your past, present and future, this bundle is the ULTIMATE Astro x Tarot reading and a guide for an entire lifetime.

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