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Always wanted to learn how to read Tarot? Whether you've started working with books or haven't even bought a deck yet, I can help you reinvent your connection with the cards.


With these Tarot reading lessons, you'll learn how to read Tarot and feel confident doing so, whether you're planning to read for yourself or clients.


Learn how to:

- understand the deck

- own the deck

- connect easily with your cards

- read with confidence

- make predictions

- use Tarot for guidance

- use Tarot for manifesting

- be a Tarot boss, basically



How it works:


These are private lessons and the curriculum will revolve around you. This programm includesa minimum of 4 live lessons with me, specific homeworks designed for your level and goals, a Tarot journal and more.


This private course's structure is as follows:


- Assessment of your Tarot reading level

- Setting reading goals (self guidance, professional level etc.)

- Planning your Journey (I wil lcreate a curriculum just for you)

- Learning the history of the cards

- Empowering you to "own" the deck and read with confidence!


These lessons are super fun and at the same time incredibly deep. They will help you build the confidence to read with clarity and authority.


Who can benefit from these Tarot Reading lessons:


If you're already reading Tarot and want to consolidate your practice, you may only need one or two lessons to learn new ways and feel more empowered.


If you're totally new to this Art, I will teach you the fundamentals of Tarot, allowing you to start reading immediately and have fun with your deck. 


I can't wait to help you step into your power and become a master-lever Tarot reader!


Note that payment plans are available for this service and you may choose to pay in multiple installments.


This course is perfect if you would like to start your own Tarot practice and make it your career too.


Tarot Reading Lessons with Lou (Program)

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