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Justice is all about balance, middle grounds and fairness. Card 11 in the Rider Waite Smith System, Card 8 in the Marseille Tradition, it stands for legal affairs, truth and balance.

There is another way possible, a resolution to any issue can be found when you approach things rationally and without judgment.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning and how to read

Justice's Meaning & Messages

Justice is all about balance. A positive card overall, it announces a new harmony being found, a better dynamic taking place.

Rationality prevails and any issue can be resolved in a way that is fair to all.

Approach things from a calm and grounded perspective to find a solution that will benefit everyone.

Quite literally, Justice is also the card of all legal matters and can announce new contracts being signed, a new lease, new job or anything that requires a signature or legal entity to be involved.


Upright, Justice speaks of fairness, the ability to see two sides of a same story and to let rationality and logic prevail.

Balanced is being restored, communication is clear and easy.

Keywords: Fairness, contracts, balance, justice, clarity, mindfulness, truth, partnership.


Reversed, Lady Justice loses her balance and warns you against irrational thinking, lies, manipulation and unfairness.

Watch out for legal issues, heavy or blocked energy.

Keywords: Legal issues, unfairness, lack of balance, poor judgement.


Positive meaning: There is a great balance in your love life and if you're in a relationship, things could be taken to the next level. Express your needs, speak your truth and don't assume what your partner may need or mean. Marriage could be in the cards.

Negative meaning: Divorce, deception, cheating, lack of balance with your partner, overwhelming communication issues.


Positive meaning: A new contract is most likely in the cards for you. This may be a promotion or brand new job.

Be sure to express your needs or concerns, communication is favored.

Negative meaning: A poor contract, legal issues, delays, setbacks, unfair treatment.


Positive meaning: Investments and contracts are being favored. Time to sign and make it all official.

Justice guarantees a healthy financial situation and if changes need to be made, now is the time to act with a clear mind, possibly seeking the help of a professional.

Negative meaning: Crooks, legal issues, bad investments.


Positive meaning: Justice can represent a Libra in your life or a person to whom equality and fairness mean everything. They are balanced and easy to communicate with.

Negative meaning: A liar, a deceiving character who lives an unhinged or unbalanced lifestyle. Someone seriously lacking a backbone.

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Justice & the Minor Arcana

Justice Tarot Card Meaning with Wands


Justice with Wands often speaks of your work life. The prediction will depend on which Wands are coming up but the energy is quite electric and decisions are being made fast.



Negative/Reversed meanings: Unfairness experienced in the work place, gossip.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning with Cups


Associated with Cups (excluding the 8 and 5), Justice can often announce a marriage or new level being reached like moving in together. Balance and harmony in a relationship as well as good health.


Negative meanings include: Divorce or legal separation could be in the cards. An unbalanced lifestyle.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning with Pentacles

Good financial opportunities are announced with Justice and Pentacles. You may be given the chance to re-balance your finances, find a better way to deal with expenses or pay off your debts.

In a negative spread: Unhealthy spending habits, lack of savings, poor wealth management.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning with Swords


Decisions, decisions, decisions! That's what this association is most likely about. Difficult or obvious, they now need to be made.

Try and be rational and focus on the facts to decide what the best next move is for you.

A difficult legal situation could be in the cards such as a divorce.

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