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Tarotfesting Resources

Tarotfesting is the art of harnessing the power of Tarot to manifest your desires. Tarotfesting helps you focus on the right energy, bust your limiting beliefs, reshape your mindset and tap into the immensely potent energy of Tarot to allow your manifestations to come to pass.

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Never fear a reading or so-called negative card ever again by changing your approach to the deck and your free will.

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Harness the tremendous power of Tarot to support your manifesting practice.

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Expand your Tarot practice to support your faith, strengthen your free will and supercharge your manifestations.

Tarotfesting is an additional practice that is complementary to Tarot reading and manifesting. If you already own a deck and if manifesting is part of your lifestyle, then you can easily start Tarotfesting.

The way I developed Tarotfesting for myself and my clients is based on three foundational pillars.

1. Custom Tarotfesting Spreads to Support your Manifestations

2. The Art of Channeling Affirmations through Tarot Cards

3. Energy Amplification with Tarot

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Free Resources to help

There's tons of free resources available on to help you Tarotfest better. 

First of all, check out the blog and specifically these posts:

Self-coaching with Tarot

Manifest with Tarot

Timing, Tarot & Manifesting

Join TarotParlor's free TAROTFESTING Group for deep insights and to chat with like minded manifesters

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Learn some custom spreads!

Manifest the Life you Want Using Tarot has been my best selling eBook for a few years now and I will always stand behind it!


Grab your copy for in-depth manifesting tips and custom Tarot spreads to support your manifesting practice.

How to Manifest by Harnessing
the Power of Tarot

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Are you ready to manifest your deepest desires? Want to up your manifesting game? This is it.

This is more than a course. You’ll not just get to hang out with me and get my best tips on Tarotfesting (Manifesting with Tarot) but you’ll also get my best-selling eBook “How to Manifest with Tarot”, my One Month Manifesting Challenge and my favorite One Week Tarot Challenge to help you level up even more!

This stuff is powerful. It has helped me eliminate debt, manifest my specific person and continuously helps me transform my life and upgrade everything as I go through the deepest possible connection with my higher self.

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