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Manifesting Resources

Welcome, friend! This page is dedicated to sharing helpful Manifesting resources. It is your guide to manifesting your dreams.


Discover free digital downloads, YouTube recommendations, tips and tricks, useful services to dive deeper and more. This page is ever-growing so be sure to come back often and sign up so you never miss an update. 

This content is all about manifesting like a pro.

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Free 1 Month Manifesting Challenge

This 1 month challenge is normally in the shop here but I'm giving it away for free for a limited period of time (and then something else ;) ) - so grab yours while you can! This challenge is part of my own practice, it comes with instructions and a weekly sheet to help you strengthen your manifesting muscles.


Miracles guaranteed 


"The only way to manifest a life of high self-esteem is to start inculcating the habit of confidence."

eBook: How to Manifest with Tarot

This powerful eBook will help you learn to Manifest with Tarot.

It is great for beginners and advanced readers alike and will help you live the best version of your life starting today. 

Get the new revised version for 2023 and make Tarot your manifesting bestie! 



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My Tarotfesting Masterclass

Discover my best-selling Tarotfesting masterclass and learn how to make Tarot your daily ally to manifest faster. 

This unique video based course will teach you powerful spreads I created specifically to help you manifest, remove resistance and channel guidance. It's time to level up babe! 



You're not only allowed and capable of having what you desire.
It's your very purpose and mission. 

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Free Powerful Affirmations

Use these affirmations to let it all in. This mix of general and abundance focused affirmations are a game changer. Learn how to use and make them your own.


Affirmations are a huge part of your manifesting tool-box and help reprogram your belief systems in ways that serve YOU.

Get your affirmations HERE

"You can have anything your heart desires.
Let go of the when and the how to watch magic happen. "

Game Changing Tip to Manifest an SP

Trying to manifest a specific person (back or for the first time)? This blog and video post will help you bridge the gap if your manifestation has been slow coming. I got you.

Image by Michael Fenton

"When you learn how to manifest, you realize that life is just a game - a game that you can win."

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