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The Empress

The Empress speaks of creative sparks and is directly linked to the feminine energy. She rules over her world using both logical and emotional intelligence.

Empress Tarot Card Meaning and how to read

The Empress Meaning & Messages

The Empress is the ultimate feminine energy card. She represents the creative sparks, emotional and practical intelligence.

The Empress often stands for an important woman in your life (or yourself as the sitter in certain spreads). She is a good friend, a mother, a sister, some to rely on who is both willing to guide and help.

The Empress is an overall positive card that is very favorable for love, artistic endeavors and career. She is powerful, benevolent and when asking specific questions, her answer is usually an enthusiastic yes.


Upright, the Empress is a positive answer to your question or a comforting feminine presence in your life. She ca be a women of power who's got your back or a friend you can truly count on. She is in touch with her Higher self while being in control of her manifested world

Keywords: feminine energy, creative spark, intelligence, intuition, balance, sister, friend.


Reversed, the Empress is someone you cannot trust, a woman working against you or someone who has lost their balance and is not in touch with their intuition.

Keywords: imbalance, lies, a woman you cannot trust, delusion.


Positive meaning: Love is in the air and so is respect, fairness and planing for the future. The Empress is steady and grounded, she's confident and has nothing to worry about.

Negative meaning: a woman stands in the way of your relationship. Balance is lacking.


Positive meaning: The Empress is either an ally for your career or speaks of your own success as a female sitter. The Empress is all about longevity and long term success. She is building her own success while enjoying life. She speaks of a good life and work balance.