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the hierophant tarot card meaning

The Hierophant

The Hierophant is the masculine, more rigid counterpart to the High Priestess.


He is often linked to traditions, dogma, religion and even the patriarchy.


The Hierophant can be a father figure, a mentor or represent society and rules.

The Hierophant Meaning & Messages

The Hierophant is the keeper of traditions and rules. He is all about stability and principles. Sometimes stubborn or even oppressive, he is very much connected to the strong and fixed energy of the Taurus.

He can also be a teacher and mentor, that is why he is often represented with two young followers listening to his preach.

The Hierophant can speak of mastery and indicates that you are moving towards the next level of expertise in your field or that you are perceived as a leader


Upright, the Hierophant is all about stability and having a strong sense of self, of one's principles and beliefs. He is a balanced figure, a knowledgeable teacher and mentor. He can also be a father or father figure.

Keywords: principles, balance, traditions, marriage, family values, stability.


Reversed, the Hierophant speaks of rigid principles and old fashioned beliefs that are holding you down. The weight of society is standing in your way. A figure of authority could be blocking your personal growth and happiness.

Keywords: chauvinism, narrow-mindedness, religious extremism, abusive authority.


Positive meaning: the Hierophant speaks of long term relationships and even marriage. This is a card that points at traditional relationships and maybe a need to fit in when it comes to love.

Negative meaning: a dominating man with old fashioned principles or the weight of the patriarchy.


Positive meaning: a person in a position of power is playing an important role in your career. Promotions, raises and respect from your peers.

Negative meaning: unemployment, feeling stuck in the same position for too long.


Positive meaning: Stability is in the cards. Traditional types of investments are being favored: think real estate, financial planning and savings.

Negative meaning: a lack or growth, energy is not flowing in or out and is therefore not allowing any expansion.


Positive meaning: the Hierophant is a spiritual guide or leader, a teacher, father figure. He can be a man in a position to help you.

Negative meaning: someone abusing their power, a patriarch, sexist or overly conservative figure.

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The Hierophant & the Minor Arcana

the hierophant tarot card meaning with Wands


A man in a position of power in your work life. The energy of the Wands clashes with that of the Hierophant and can speak of tension in the work place. Rebellion against the status quo may be in the cards.


Negative/Reversed meanings: problems with authority, an abuse of power.

the hierophant tarot card meaning with Cups


Associated with Cups (excluding the 8 and 5), the Hierophant often speaks of marriage and long term relationships.


Negative meanings include: an abuse relationship. The weight of traditions standing in the way of your truth.

the hierophant tarot card meaning with Pentacles

Good investments that will grow in the long term. Think about the long game, consider your savings and portfolio. A financial adviser could help you achieve your goals.

In a negative spread: stinginess, materialism.

the hierophant tarot card meaning with Swords


The Swords and the Hierophant are often a heavy association. They can speak of important legal issues that need to be addressed or refer to a man of law.

In a negative context, this association can speak of spiritual abuse or a painful relationship with a father/father figure.

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