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Learn to Manifest with Tarot TODAY


Manifesting and Tarot are often put in opposition. A lot of people consider that Tarot readers and psychics are not compatible with the law of attraction. Not here. I'm a firm believer in free will and Tarot and have been practicing both for over 15 years.


It was time to sum it all up in a powerful eBook to help you learn to Manifest with Tarot.


This eBook is great for beginners and advanced readers alike and will help you live the best version of your life starting today.



Learning to Manifest with Tarot can help you:


  • Check on where you stand in regards to your manifestation (are you standing in your own way? Assess if you are obsessing or comfortably riding the bridge of incidents?)
  • Identify fears or doubts that are creating resistance
  • Clear your mind
  • Identify blocks and get rid of them easily
  • Make deliberate manifesting a lifestyle and get it right every time


This is the Only Manifesting eBook Harnessing the Power of Tarot you'll need.


Are you trying to manifest a specific person?

Are you determined to land a much better job?

Are you ready to take your manifesting powers to the next level?


Then this eBook is for you!


What's in this eBook?

This 30 pages eBook is entirely original content created here by Lou for TarotParlor based on over 15 years of experience with the cards, clients from all walks of life and of course, manifesting!


It is built around 4 main chapters:


  • an overview of what manifesting really is (finally a SIMPLE explanation :))
  • what common techniques are the most effective (a quick overview and how to apply them)
  • 3 custom Tarot spreads to manifest something specific, identify possible blocks and remove them. These spread will help you integrate the process of deliberate manifestation in your life and become a manifesting powerhouse.


This eBook goes straight to the point! No nonsense, no repetition (read it multiple times if you are new to manifesting and it'll save you hours on Youtube. Guaranteed ✨)


Make this little book your daily companion for a few weeks and I guarantee you'll start seeing results real fast whether you're setting intentions to manifest more money, a specific person or a new job. It's all POSSIBLE and it's already in your hands.


Let's Make This Happen! ✨

How to Manifest with Tarot eBook (2023 Edition)

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