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The Chariot

The Chariot is the card of victory and motion forward. In Tarot, the Chariot is all about the momentum you are building but is in essence a positive card that indicates changes, rewards and good energy.


In RWS, it is associated with Cancer, in the earlier Marseille tradition, the Chariot is associated with Sagittarius. Read based on your preferred tradition and intuition.

chariot tarot card meaning and how to read

The Chariot's Meaning & Messages

The Chariot is a generally positive card indicating that we are being protected on our journey and headed in the right direction.

It speaks of momentum and motion forward. Things are already moving and you're about to see changes happen fast.

In a very literal way, the Chariot can speak of travels or moving house. A change of location may be in the cards for you.

The Chariot is a highly spiritual card as well, reminding us that actions bring more and better results when inspired and aligned with our intuition. Do the work first, and then get on your way.


The Chariot speaks of victory, travels and exciting changes. Things are moving fast and you're the one in charge of what gets to be true for you. Keep going, keep following your intuition and know you are being protected and guided all the way to where you need to be.

Keywords: intuition, motion forward, growth, personal development, victory, travels, exploring, levelling up.


Reversed, the Chariot is a very serious warning sign. Take it slow and get back into alignment before your lift a single finger. Plan again and think twice. Now is not the time to make a big move.

Keywords: accidents, lack of clarity, disconnection from your own intuition, a bad move, hesitation.

Use The Chariot to manifest:

A new beginning
The perfect outcome
A faster unfolding


Positive meaning: A relationship is moving fast and you're feeling energized by it all. Alignment and a common vision will get you far. Get ready for the next level.

Negative meaning: Lack of alignment in a relationship, things are not moving forward. One party could be scared of taking things to the next level. Blocks.


Positive meaning: Make a plan and jump into action. You are being guided in the right direction and only good will come from this next move. Be sure you're jumping into action after double checking everything.

Negative meaning: Investments are not generating the expected return, a poor financial decision has taken you in the wrong direction. Hold your horses and re-assess everything.


Positive meaning: With a clear vision for the future, you are ready to jump into action and be successful at everything you do. A very positive card for new business, new contracts and new levels of growth.

Negative meaning: A project is aborted, a contract is cancelled. Something was missed in the process of planning and you're now facing a block. Rethink your strategy from scratch.


Positive meaning: The Chariot rarely embodies an actual person but an energy. If directly pointing at someone, their energy is both caring and very raw. Intuition guides this person more than reason.

Negative meaning: An unhinged character who spreads havoc into everybody's lives. Bad energy and inability to grow as a person.

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The Chariot & the Minor Arcana

chariot tarot card meaning and how to read with Wands


Things are moving fast and the energy at play is electrifying! The Chariot with Wands often speaks of success at work and a thriving social life.



Negative/Reversed meanings: Things are not moving in the right direction, especially at work or in your social circle. The energy is blocked and quickly becoming negative.

chariot tarot card meaning and how to read with Cups


Associated with Cups (excluding the 8 and 5), the Chariot often speaks of a great time in a new relation/ or a new level in an existing one. Utilize this positive momentum to build up and design the love life that you desire.


Negative meanings include: A relationship is stagnating. Frustration is at play and communication might even be momentarily stopped.

chariot tarot card meaning and how to read with Pentacles

A great association when it comes to financial check-ins. The Chariot announces a return on investment, a bonus and more financial blessings on the way. Trust that what you're expecting is coming for you.

In a negative spread: Absence of financial growth, debt, an investment that could make you lose some serious cash..

chariot tarot card meaning and how to read with Swords


The Chariot with Swords is a complicated association. Often, it will point at misunderstandings and a lack of clarity that is taking things in the wrong direction.

Be sure to check in with others and yourself before making a big move.

If travelling, be careful in your planning and execution. A warning could be presented to you.

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