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Strength is all about the power within and how we control our instincts and impulses.

Sometimes called Fortitude, it is the card of those who have done the inner work and know who they are. They control their mind, they understand their emotions. Strength invites you to keep doing that work and remember that you are in charge of yourself.

It is also a card of resilience and long term success.

Strenth tarot card meaning and how to read

Strength's Meaning & Messages

Strength is here to remind you that you have all the tools and resources to deal with any given situation within yourself.

It's not about physical strength, quite the opposite, it comes from your heart and spirit.

Strength is the epitome of the inner work that has and is being done well. To tame the lion within, there is no need for brutality or forcefulness.

Success is all about finding the right energy and projecting it onto the situation, whatever it may be.

Strength speaks of confidence, a sense of security found within and the ability to handle life as it comes with a grounded spirit and gentle yet determined approach.


Upright, Strength speaks of a balanced mind and spirit. The inner work is being done and alignment is found. Approach any challenge with a cool mind and the knowledge that you can do anything. You very literally got this.

Keywords: energy, alignment, courage, self confidence, ability to overcome, resilience, endurance, inner peace, self-control.


Reversed, Strength can speak of a physical or spiritual weakness. You may be feeling depleted or defeated. A lack of connection with your higher self is leaving you disconnected and doubting your own power. 

Keywords: weakness, fatigue, depletion, lack of faith, anger issues, inner conflicts, depression, physical injuries.


Positive meaning: Approach things with confidence, whether you are navigating an existing relationship or riding solo. Bringing a calm energy to the table will help you get what you want. A solid and grounded partner could be in the cards.

Negative meaning: An unbalanced relationship or a difficult partner with temper issues may have you feeling drained.


Positive meaning: Your determination and consistency are paying off. Success is announced and if obstacles may seem to be standing in the way, know that your ability to keep showing up will be enough to resolve any issue.

Negative meaning: Fatigue, burn out, abandoned projects, lack of consistency.


Positive meaning: Continue on your path with a firm and clear approach. Trust your initial vision and know you are on the right path. More resources are available to you and manifestations are being orchestrated. Keep going.

Negative meaning: Lack of vision and energy. You may be overspending or creating debt.


Positive meaning: Strength often represents someone with great character, charisma and self-confidence. They radiate a positive and warm energy. They are gentle but strong, grounded and capable of great things.

Negative meaning:  Someone who may be draining your energy, an unhinged character or constantly depressed and difficult person.

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Strength & the Minor Arcana

Strenth tarot card meaning and how to read with Wands


A usually positive association especially for work and social life. Positive career changes or a promotion can be expected, obstacles are overcome efficiently. A new project can be launched with positive energy.



Negative/Reversed meanings: A lack of energy or commitment could endanger a job or project. Watch out for arguments.

Strenth tarot card meaning and how to read with Cups


Strength and Cups often speak of one of two things: passion and love with a devoted partner (except with 5 and 8) or physical balance and health. 


Negative meanings include: Poor health, lack of balance in a relationship, emotional abuse...

Strenth tarot card meaning and how to read with Pentacles

Strength and Pentacles tend to go very well together. This association speaks of a great control over your finances, an ability to manifest abundance from a place of security and faith. A healthy relationship with the material realm.

In a negative spread: Inability to control your spendings, lack of resources, debts, bankruptcy

Strenth tarot card meaning and how to read with Swords


This can either be a fabulous or dangerous association based on which Swords are coming up. In a positive spread, expect stamina, a crystal clear mind and a great ability to make the right decisions.

In a negative spread, this association can speak of injuries, anger outbursts that can get out of hand and the inability to act reasonably or see things clearly.

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