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The Angel of Temperance stands for moderation, guidance and divine timing. A soothing card that often speaks of good health, patience and sometimes, alchemy.

Temperance invites you to trust that things are being taken care of and believe that the timing is just right.

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning and how to read

Temperance's Meaning & Messages

Temperance is a soothing card, often considered an angelic messenger from another plane.

Beyond that, Temperance speaks of balance, like the water being poured from one cup to the other.

Notice the one foot standing on dry land and one in the water, representing our material realm and a more spiritual level.

In the Marseille tradition, Temperance is a timing card as well, announcing that your main prediction will happen within three months.


Upright, Temperance is a most positive card and a good omen. It confirms your manifestations and dreams are on the way and only asks of you to trust the divine timing of things. Know that all is well and focus on your alignment.

Keywords: moderation, temperance, patience, balance, guidance, divine protection, wisdom, optimism.


Reversed, Temperance speaks of a lack of balance, maybe a bad temper or even substance abuse in certain circumstances.

In manifesting: Your impatience can keep you from letting go and lead you to push too hard to soon.

Keywords: impatience, temper, substance abuse, lack of faith, imbalance.


Positive meaning: Temperance in love speaks of harmony, great communication and good timing. Don't push anything, even if you're frustrated, trust that the Universe is working on your behalf.

Negative meaning: Insecurities can lead either party to try and push things one way or another, creating frustration and jeopardizing a relationship.


Positive meaning: Things are evolving and you will most likely get what you want, just stay focused on your tasks for now. Know that behind the scenes, a raise or promotion could already be in motion.

Negative meaning: Burn out, being overwhelmed, taking on too much or too little.


Positive meaning: Temperance says you have everything you need and more is being provided, always in due time. Practice Gratitude to allow more blessings into your bank account...

Negative meaning: Bad spending habits, debts, impatience.


Positive meaning: Temperance rarely stands for one person but when that happens, it is someone wise, moderate and calm. Possibly a healer.

Negative meaning: Someone with a short fuse, suffering from substance abuse or drawn to extremes.

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The Magician & the Minor Arcana

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning and how to read with Wands


Stay focused on the results and keep going. Your hard work and focus will pay off, things are already falling in place for you even when you don't always see it. The energy is both electric and balanced, this is what miracles are made of.

Negative/Reversed meanings: don't give in to impatience or temper, it could ruin everything you've worked for.

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning and how to read with Cups


Associated with Cups (excluding the 8 and 5), Temperance speaks of good timing in love and manifestations coming to pass. Health and spirituality are favored too.


Negative meanings include: Lack of balance or trust in a relationship could do a lot of damage. Reconsider your approach.

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning and how to read with Pentacles

In a positive spread, this association announces good fortune and money coming in. Debt can be paid off, investments are favored, balance is found.

In a negative spread: Bad spending could hurt your finances, don't spend more than you have and give things time.

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning and how to read with Swords


The Swords and Temperance could be telling you the time has come to make a decision. You've taken the time to think, now let the conclusion shine. In other contexts, think twice before you speak or act and be sure to not accidentally hurt someone else's feelings.

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