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Tarot Cards Meanings

Discover Tarot Cards' Meanings including well known and hidden messages, warnings, advices, associated elements & more.


The Major Arcana is traditionally considered more powerful than the other 56 cards in the deck.

When they are drawn, it is believed that major forces are at play, their message is stronger and influences the one of the minor suits.

The Major Arcana starts with the Fool (originally not numbered) who goes on a journey, a journey through life, in which he encounters wise and important characters such as the High Priestess and the Emperor.

He learns the importance of fate (the Wheel of Fortune) of study and time spent alone (the Hermit). He gets through rough patches (the Tower) and even meets the Devil. All through this journey that leads to a full accomplishment (the World), the Fool learns that nothing is black and white, that everything is up to interpretation.

He gets to understand that fate and free will co-exist and confidence, humility and faith will always get him through.


That's the usual way of looking at the Major Suit.

But once we take each card one by one. What do we see and what do we know? Study will make us better readers.

For example, which Nordic God the Hanged Man is associated? Is the Wheel a tool for torture or amusement? Which zodiac signs are associated with the card of the World... so many questions could be asked about the cards. While I have no ambition to answer all of them, I will try my best to give you as much information as possible through these Tarot Cards Meanings pages.

Each of them will give you a solid overview of the the main symbols and elements associated with each card and their most usual meanings in a reading, whether they are drawn up or reversed.

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