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The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is the card of destiny, changes and the Universe making things happen for and around you.

Ready or not, the Wheel will turn again and again, there is no stopping it.

Card number 10 speaks of cycles coming to an end, new chapters beginning, completion and growth.

Wheel Tarot Card Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune's Meaning & Messages

The Wheel of Fortune speaks of faith, momentum and destiny.  It is here to remind us that there will always be ups and downs and change is inevitable.

Where you end up on the Wheel is within your control as you choose your momentum and trend. Once things are in motion, they eventually reach a speed that is no longer for you to control and you must learn to surrender to higher forces.

Changes are always announced when the Wheel of Fortune pops in your spread and their nature will be determined by the surrounding cards.

The Wheel is a very interesting and unique card. It features the four fixed signs of the zodiac: the Angel is Aquarius, the Bull is Taurus, the Lion is Leo and the Eagle is Scorpio.

In most depictions, the letters YHVH are inscribed on the wheel, and stand for the name of God, which shan't be spoken out loud while the Sphinx embodies the mystery of life itself.


Under the Wheel, Egyptian God of the Dead Anubis reminds us that endings and beginnings go hand in hand, like life and death, ups and downs, light and darkness. 


Positive changes are taking place in your life and a fresh energy is about to bring a new dynamic to the table. Embrace changes, trust your good fortune and know that your manifestations are on the way, with the support of all higher forces conspiring to help you out. A cycle may be coming to an end, allowing you to level up.

Keywords: Destiny, growth, cycles, fortune, fate, momentum, divine intervention, changes, consequences, higher power.


Reversed, the Wheel warns you against your resistance to change or announces turbulences as the cards are being redistributed. You may not  be ready for the changes coming to you and things can feel chaotic and out of control. You can only wait for the storm to pass.

Keywords: Endings, difficult changes, bad luck, resistance to growth, delays.


Positive meaning: Cosmic love may be in the cards. If you believe in twin flames, this may be it. You're connected to your partner way beyond the physical realm. A cycle in your love life is coming to completion, you're ready for the next level.

Negative meaning: Resistance to a necessary break up, the illusion of destiny. Hard luck in love.


Positive meaning: Expect big changes in your career. A promotion, new position or a brand new start could be in the cards. A cycle is completed, it's time for something new.

Negative meaning: Bad luck in your career, you may be facing a streak of obstacles and it's time to consider a serious change.


Positive meaning: You're ready to upgrade your life and a new level of wealth and success is being announced.

Expect the unexpected: a raise, promotion, inheritance or fabulous opportunity.

Negative meaning: Unexpected expenses, a loss of value (investments/property), a difficult cycle.


Positive meaning: The Wheel of Fortune rarely embodies a specific person but mostly a situation. If drawn in relation to a specific person, they may be going through some big life changes or part of your own destiny.

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The Magician & the Minor Arcana

Wheel Tarot Card Meaning with Wands


Things are moving fast when the Wheel of Fortune is drawn with Wands. Better buckle up for this ride. Expect new dynamics in your social life and/or changes at work. There's no stopping what's coming next with such intense energy at play.

Wheel Tarot Card Meaning with Cups


The Wheel with Cups can speak of a multitude of things, often: healing and spiritual growth, new cycles in your love life, good news in a relationship, desires being fulfilled.

In a negative spread: careful to not give too much importance to someone or something that may not actually be a godsend...

Wheel Tarot Card Meaning with Pentacles

In a positive spread, expect manifestations to come to pass. The Universe is orchestrating things in your favor.

Growth is encouraged and your finances are booming and blooming.

Reversed: watch out for unexpected expenses.

Wheel Tarot Card Meaning with Swords


Swords and the Wheel of Fortune often announce difficult changes that can come at a great cost for your mental health and emotional balance.

Try and stay clear in the midst of chaos. Ride the  wave and give yourself Grace until the dust settles.

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