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The Emperor

The Emperor is the ultimate masculine energy card. Sitting on a throne made of stone, he is grounded and calm yet ready to jump in and take action at any given moment. Something is boiling beneath the surface. A powerful card filled with fiery energy.

Emperor Tarot Card Meaning and how to read

The Emperor's Meaning & Messages

The Emperor is connected to the divine masculine, he is all fiery energy and associated with Aries and Mars. He is the master of his temper most of the time but can also turn into an angry and dangerous figure.

The Emperor encourages you to be bold, to act like "the man in charge" and take what you want. He is not burdened by hesitation and doubts and neither should you. Take inspired action and stand your ground.

The figure of the Emperor often represents a strong and important male figure in your life. 

The Emperor represents authority, power, confidence and action.


Upright, the Emperor is assertive and capable. He stands for inspired action and confidence. You're ready to take what's yours, to launch the project, to send the email and to trust in your power. He can also be a strong and positive masculine figure in your life that you can fully rely on.

Keywords: masculine energy, power, confidence, determination, strength, passion, drive, assertiveness.


Reversed, the Emperor often speaks of anger or prostration. You are either facing an angry and difficult masculine figure in your life or you are being presented with your own inability to jump into action.

Keywords: fear, prostration, anger, jealousy, aggression, defensiveness, toxicity.


Positive meaning: A strong masculine figure in your life is here for you. You can rely on this person wholeheartedly. You also have the power to make a move if that's what you desire. Be in charge. Enjoy this energy.

Negative meaning: The Emperor may be keeping you under his thumb, spreading insecurities and jealousy in your world. A man who is not to be trusted or relied upon.


Positive meaning: A wonderful card for all things material, the Emperor encourages you to take what's yours. Take a chance, make a move, be a boss. You have the power over your financial and material world.

Negative meaning: Inability to invest, lack of clarity, fear, insecurities.


Positive meaning: The Emperor is a natural leader and a great card for a work related reading. A strong and inspiring masculine figure at work can help you grow. Or... time for you to become number 1.

Negative meaning: Imposter syndrome, lack of energy and drive, temper issues, toxic masculine energy.


Positive meaning: The Emperor is often an important man in the sitter's life (or the sitter himself). It always carries strong masculine energy and represents someone with a strong presence and power, for better and for worse.

Negative meaning: An angry character, someone who is a slave to their temper, a mean boss or toxic partner.

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The Magician & the Minor Arcana

Emperor Tarot Card Meaning and how to read with Wands


The Emperor is directly connected to this court and its fiery energy. This association doubles the troubles/gains announced in your spread. Things are moving fast and the energy is intoxicating. The cards are either speaking of passion or big career news.



Negative/Reversed meanings: Issues at the work place, violence, arguments, toxic masculinity.

Emperor Tarot Card Meaning and how to read with Cups


Associated with the Cups (excluding the 8 and 5), the Emperor often speaks of a passionate partner. Something big is happening in your love life with a driven and assertive partner that energizes you.


Negative meanings include: a problematic relationship, a cheater or liar.

Emperor Tarot Card Meaning and how to read with Pentacles

The Emperor rules over the material realm with ease and is naturally good with money. This association announces great investments, good opportunities and your ability to make smart decisions that bring more security into your life.

In a negative spread: financial loss, poor wealth management, inability to think clearly when it comes to finances.

Emperor Tarot Card Meaning and how to read with Swords


The Swords with the Emperor can be a tricky association.

At best, we are looking at über assertiveness and an outstanding ability to make clear and sometimes difficult decisions (with the Ace of Swords for example.)

More often, this association points at an unhinged personality, anger outbursts and possibly physical danger and accidents.

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