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The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is one of the most complex and sometimes even divisive Tarot Cards. In the Marseille tradition, the Hanged Man is a pretty dark and gloomy figure, which is already linked to figure of Odin of course but also speaks of Depression and the inability to free yourself from your own darkness, much like the 8 of Swords.

The brighter side of The Hanged Man is an invitation to a new perspective, which will help you realize that you can free yourself anytime, starting with a mindset shift.

the hanged man tarot card meaning and how to read

The Hanged Man's Meaning & Messages

The Hanged Man is all about making a change when things feel yucky. It starts with a shift in perspective.

In the Marseille tradition, the Hanged Man speaks of a new perspective that needs to be explored (just like in RWS) but it also speaks of Depression (capital D!) and feelings of frustration and blocks. With certain associations, it can point at addiction and self-sabotage.

Even in difficult situations, there is always a different way to look at things and once you let in the lesson or message that needs to come through in this moment, you will feel the release.

The Hanged Man is hanging there by his own volition. His hands are not actually tied up, he has free will and could change everything at any given moment. But the time has not yet come: more lessons and messages must be explored and acknowledged.


Upright, the Hanged Man reminds you that changes are taking places slowly under the surface and as soon as you'll be ready to catch up with a better vibe, great things will actually be revealed to you. Welcome in a new perspective...

Keywords: Low energy, blocks, temporary setbacks, a break, time off, revelations, spiritual awakening.


Reversed, the Hanged Man urges you to look at things differently and step out of a victim mentality. Depression may have a hold on you but remember you can decide to approach things differently anytime you want and in that moment, you'll start finding a new sense of balance again.

Keywords: Depression, victim mentality, self-inflicted harm, emotional manipulation.


Positive meaning: There could be a standstill in an existing relationship or a much needed time out. Now is not the time to make a big move. Give things time and take notes of what you're observing.

Negative meaning: moodiness or depression stand in the way of happiness. There could be a need to clear up misunderstandings.


Positive meaning: Now is not the time to invest or make a big decision regarding your finances. You'll need more information and time to get ready.

Negative meaning: Lack of clarity, delays, setbacks, information being withheld.


Positive meaning: As often with the Hanged Man, you're being asked to trust the timing and hold your horses. It's not the right time to make a big move. Keep observing and let new information flow to you.

Negative meaning: Delays. Feeling stuck in a career/position, frustration, projects not moving forward.


Positive meaning: The Hanged Man often speaks of a Pisces in your life. It can also be someone affected by mood swings, depression or someone who is helping you changing your mind about something.

Negative meaning: Someone who is emotionally or spiritually manipulative. Self-pity.

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The Hanged Man & the Minor Arcana

the hanged man tarot card meaning with Wands


The Hanged Man is usually uncomfortable around Wands. Wands tend to move fast and add fiery energy to a spread that the Hanged Man can dilute or damper down.



Negative/Reversed meanings: Sabotage, delays, lack of energy.

the hanged man tarot card meaning with Cups


It's all watery vibes when the Hanged Man meets with Cups. We could be looking at healing, spiritual growth or rituals. If the Hanged Man is a person, they could be going through an emotional hard time or recovery (depending on which Cups come up).


Negative meanings include: Emotional manipulation, depression, healing delayed.

the hanged man tarot card meaning with Pentacles

There could be big benefits in the cards for you if you would just consider a different perspective. A change of approach could help you access a different level of success, but you need to give it time. Abundance starts within.

In a negative spread: Delays in manifestations, finances at risk.

the hanged man tarot card meaning with Swords


The Hanged Man with Swords often urges you to rethink something important. You may not be ready to make an important decision before exploring more angles and viewpoints.

This can be a challenging association as well, sometimes pointing at difficult healing from trauma or the need for therapy.

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