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The Magician

The Magician is the card of work, skills and knowledge. It’s about the cards you have in your hands. He is bright and cunning, for better and for worse.

In front of the Magician, all the elements of Tarot are already being presented: a Wand, a Cup, a Pentacle/Coin and a Sword. A message to the reader: you hold the knowledge and skills within you from the start.

Magician tarot card meaning

The Magician's Meaning & Messages

The Magician is the official first card of the deck (the Fool was originally not numbered and can be considered first or last).

The Magician holds or presents all the elements that will make the minor suit of your deck: a wand, a cup, a coin  and a wand.

He is a master of his craft, which is why the Magician often speaks of work situations and is to be expected when reading for career related questions. He can also stand for a relatively young lover, a doctor or a good friend. His presence in the spread usually means action, changes, new starts.


Upright, the Magician speaks of skills and mastering one’s crafts. The Magician knows how to make the most of any situation by using the right tool. It often announces news regarding the questioner’s career.

Keywords: work, self-employment, knowledge, new relationship or friendship, good luck, creativity, energy, self confidence.


Reversed, the Magician speaks of treachery and treason. Tricks are being played. Someone is being dishonest. It can also reveal a situation, which is not at all as it seems, be it a relationship, friendship or investment. Watch your back and do not trust too easily.

Keywords: tricks, incompetency, treason, illusions, crook, lack of skills, mistake, arguments, lost ambition

Use the Magician to manifest:

A successful (new) business
Help from competent sources
Successful studies

Major career moves

Learn to manifest by harnessing the power of Tarot.png


Positive meaning: A new relationship or friendship that will matter and most likely last. Love at first sight.

A constructive relationship. Success and attraction. Magnetism.

Negative meaning: the end of a relation. Lack of physical attraction. A hard headed partner. Unfaithfulness.


Positive meaning: A new venture will be rewarded quickly. An investment will be successful even if it seems risky. Trust someone you’re working with.

Negative meaning: theft, loss, fraud. Someone is abusing your trust. Watch out for the traps.


Positive meaning: The Magician often speaks of your career right away. If you’re reading for work, you should definitely hope for it to appear.

A new activity will bring you success. Self-employment is an option. Research and studies are being encouraged. A new contract can be expected.

Negative meaning: unemployment, lack of necessary skills. Imposteur syndrome.


Positive meaning: The Magician is usually a young man. Often a teacher, a researcher, spiritual guide or a self-employed person full of energy. A fun friend.

Negative meaning: a crook, someone who speaks too much. Someone cruel. He could be lacking self-confidence.


The Magician & the Minor Arcana

Magician tarot card meaning with Wands


This is usually a positive association. High energy. Frenetic activity can be expected. Goals and targets will be reached thanks to hard work, persistence and confidence.



Negative/Reversed meanings: problems at work, a contract is cancelled. Unemployment or crisis.

Magician tarot card meaning with Cups


Associated with Cups (excluding the 8 and 5), you can expect a new relationship or great friendship. It is possible that an existing one will change (for the better, unless the Devil or Swords says otherwise).


Negative meanings include: a lover who is not trustworthy.

Magician tarot card meaning with Pentacles

In a positive spread, your work is highly profitable and benefits are on the way. An intuition for business. You may be offered a new work opportunity.

In a negative spread: corruptness, crookedness. A financial crisis.

Magician tarot card meaning with Swords


The Swords with the Magician speak of difficult starts. If you’re starting a new job, there will be obstacles. Arguments and drama.

With the King of Cups, a doctor or surgeon may be involved in your reading.

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