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The Hermit

The Hermit is the ultimate figure of wisdom. He knows the secrets of the human souls and his light is available only to those who are willing and ready to see it. It is available if you seek it.

The Hermit speaks of introspection, of the light within and the benefits of time spent in solitude.

Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

The Hermit's Meaning & Messages

The Hermit holds the kind of knowledge that comes with time and life experience. He stays focused on what matters in the moment and embodies the power of now. He is aware of the rest of the world but does not waste his energy on things that are beyond his control or reach.

The light he shines is humble but powerful. Those who are close and wise enough to seek it can benefit from it.

The Hermit embodies solitude and introspection. He is not lonely, his understanding of the human experience and of his own mind are his power.

He is analytic, focused and at peace.


Upright, the Hermit celebrates the power of the mind and the benefits of time spent in solitude. Don't be afraid to spend time on your own and shine light on the lessons you've learned. Own your experience, trust your intuition, find the wisdom within.

Keywords: Solitude, wisdom, clarity, introspection, humbleness, a pause or retreat, meditation, intuition.


Reversed, the Hermit speaks of loneliness and the inability to be alone with your own thoughts. Refusing to look within causes tensions and a sense of disconnection. A time of isolation may be weighing on you.

Keywords: Loneliness, lack of inspiration, disconnection from source, lies, spiritual manipulation.


Positive meaning: It may be best to spend some time alone before entering a relationship. If you are with someone, taking a step back could be beneficial for the relationship in the long term. Don't be alone to pause and reflect.

Negative meaning: Miscommunication or lack of ability to be alone together. Intimacy is an issue. A relationship that isolates you.


Positive meaning: If things are slower for a while, it may be for the best. Ponder your current situation and take some time to visualize your future. Explore new ideas, use the lessons from your past,

Negative meaning: Unwise decisions may lead you to an uncomfortable position. Mistakes have been made and the solution is not in sight due to an outdated or irrational perspective.


Positive meaning: Time to stop and think before jumping into action. If you're in the process of investing or spending, pause and analyze the situation from every possible angle before making a decision. Don't rush yourself into anything.

Negative meaning: Poor judgment when it comes to finances. Someone is ill advising you or you are missing some crucial information regarding an investment or account.


Positive meaning: The Hermit can point at an older figure in your life, a father or grandfather, a spiritual mentor, teacher or even a concept. Associated with the sign of Virgo, the Hermit is an analytical and sometimes cold person in the life of the sitter.

Negative meaning: A fake guru, a manipulative person or even someone with serious mental health issues/illnesses.

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The Hermit & the Minor Arcana

Hermit Tarot Card Meaning with Wands


The Hermit is not really at ease around the fiery energy of the Wands.


This association is often an invitation to either calm down when things are too hectic or chaotic, or on the contrary, to get things moving faster if you've been stagnating for too long.

Hermit Tarot Card Meaning with Cups


The Hermit calls for rationality and wisdom to prevail over emotions.

Be mindful of other people's feelings but trust your intuition to guide you towards the light.


Don't be afraid to spend time on your own and truly examine your feelings and inner world.

Hermit Tarot Card Meaning with Pentacles

Spend time in meditation and contemplation. The Hermit and Pentacles are here to remind you that material abundance starts with a clear mind. 

Manifestations stem from the ability to stop the noise and connect with your highest self... sometimes deep under the surface and far from the spotlight.

Hermit Tarot Card Meaning with Swords


The Swords and the Hermit invite you to examine a situation without passion.

Let only the facts be acknowledged while trusting your intuition when it comes to making the final decision.

Solitude may be an issue and it may be time to seek a new dynamic in your life.

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