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One Month Manifesting Challenge Printable PDF


Your intentional manifesting powers are like a muscle. Training and practicing on a daily basis is key to stay on track and live a satisfying life.

These challenges are part of my own daily practice. I am positive they will help you do that easily and in a fun way.


Often when sticking to at least 3 days of simple guided manifesting challenges, tangible results are manifested. It can start with positive mood changes followed by tangible manifestations. A month can change your entire life... easily.


This PDF is made of notes and instructions to make the most of your monthly challenge and of course, comes with 4 sheets dedicated to a specific practice for the week.


The objective is to become more consistent with your manifesting and spiritual practice in order to feel better... and see results!


Just like going to the gym, when manifesting the life you want, consistency is everything and every little step in the right direction can change everything.


Watch your manifestations pour in while having fun with this simple yet powerful practice. 


This challenge is reusable until the end of times. You can mix things up as you see fit:

Feeling overwhelmed or triggered? Be gentle and start with 3 days of surrender.

Feeling like a Master? Couple two challenges within a week and have a party with it!


While the challenge comes with helpful instructions to help you maximize its impact, you are free to tweak the rules. This is your world and the whole point of this exercise is for you to truly realize how powerful you are.


Start today and see changes within just a few days. Guaranteed!

One Month Manifesting Challenge PDF (Printable)

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