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The Devil Tarot Card Meaning and how to read

The Devil

The Devil is certainly of the most feared and misunderstood cards of the deck.

While it does serve as a warning and speak of bondage, addication, lies and all kinds of toxic traits and behaviors, it is also the card of worldly pleasures and non conformism. 

A card worthy of its own dedicated book, symbol of the times when Tarot decks first emerged during oppressive Christian Middle Ages.

The Devil's Meaning & Messages

The Devil is card 15 of the deck, right before the Tower, the big collapse. It usually serves as a warning about sketchy, abusive or extreme behaviours. These can be your own or those of someone near you.


Of course the Devil carries the weight of Tarot's original mix of Christian and pagan influences and many readers nowadays see it in a more subtle or balanced light. 

The Devil is not all bad indeed. It speaks of money, wealth and abundance. It speaks of sexuality and passion. Things that used to be condemned and to which part of our society at large is slowly becoming less resistant.


But let's not paint it all bright pink, it wouldn't be fair. There's always a shadow, a warning or a problem involved when the Devil shows up. It may simply be a reminder

Like the Tower, many readers prefer a reversed Devil to an upright one. As his power is lessened. I leave this up to your personal intuition and preference.


Upright, the Devil sends a message of warning. Now's the time to evaluate your relationship with all things physical, sexual and material.

It could be shedding light on behaviours that are toxic or in need of being addressed.

While money and abundance are good things when they serve our goals, remember to not become a slave to them. Don't become overly attached to the physical so much so that it could mess with your principles, relationships or even your health.


A reversed Devil carries similar messages but finds himself in a less powerful position. 

Beware of little lies that could grow into something bigger. 

Fears and anxiety that may be starting small could soon manifest into something more problematic, you have time to address them before the Devil gets a hold of their momentum.


In a love reading, the Devil speaks of passion and brazen sexual connection. That's usually the best it offers in this context.

Beware of bondage, abusive behaviours and lies. The Devil often reveals hidden agendas, cheaters and toxicity in varied forms.


Positive meaning: Embrace your own needs and don't let guilt hold you back. The Devil reminds you that you're allowed to put yourself first and enjoy material things.

Negative meaning: Don't allow your possession to possess you, says the meaning in a negative light. Being overly attached to physical things (money, food, sex etc.)


Now's not the time to play nice. In the context of work and business, the Devil often speaks of two things:

Beware of those around you, not everyone has your best interest at heart. Protect yourself.

Make decisions based on business, not sentiments. Put your own interests first, but don't cross any red lines.


Rarely does the Devil speak positively of someone specific in a reading. When asking about someone and pulling this card, it's pretty obvious something's off.

Lies, treachery, abusive behaviors, it could be a number of things. For a partner in business or love, they might simply be after their own interest and pleasure. 

Keep an eye open and don't trust blindly.

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