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This Ebook compiles 10 custom Tarot Spreads for love designed by Lou for


You'll get 12 pages including clear instructions on how to read and enhance each spread based on my 15 years of Tarot Reading experience.


What you'll find in this eBook:

- 10 custom spreads with graphics and instructions
- Instruction on how to read and enhance your spreads


The 10 spreads cover everything from checking in on a specific person's intention (manifesting them back??), looking into the current energy of an existing relationship, discovering a lover's portrait, figuring the pros and cons of dating this or that person and my signature spread: the Love Path.


Have fun and get all the juice from the cards for you and your sitters with these easy to learn and super insightful spreads.


I use them DAILY and guarantee they pack a punch!


Lou x

10 Tarot Spreads for Love (Printable eBook)

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