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The Star

The Star is the ultimate card of healing and divine guidance. Everything can be mended. Guidance and protection are available. 

The water bearer (Aquarius) is shown pouring fresh water into a pond, it clears, cleans and inspires. This is one of the most elevated Tarot cards in the deck: genius, clarity, protection, healing and love are present when the Star is in your spread.


The Star's Meaning & Messages

The Star is one of the most inspired and inspiring cards in the deck. Its energy is fully healing and loving. When you find yourself in a dark place, you can safely use The Star as a point of focus to guide you back into a lighter, healthier place.

Trust your inspiration, trust your intuition, spend time meditating and aligning with your higher self. 

The essence of the Star can be summarized in one glorious word: HOPE.


Upright, the Star speaks of hope, guidance, divine timing and healing. It carries the very essence of the spiritual support available to us at all times. Health improves, so do relationships and well-being.

Keywords: healing, divine guidance, protection, recovery, faith, cosmic support


Reversed, the Star speaks of moments of doubts, emotional turmoil, unhealed wounds. It can go as far as revealing self-destructive behaviour or the inability to move on.

Keywords: Unhealed wounds, toxic behaviours, addiction, emotional deception, trauma


Positive meaning: Healing through love or the mending/improving of an existing relationship. Divine alignment in love.

Negative meaning: toxic behaviours, unhealed trauma, intimacy issues, betrayal.


Positive meaning: This card favors and encourages healing work (therapeutic endeavours incl. physical  & psycho therapy.) It can encourage you to volunteer and serve others through your work.

Negative meaning: burn out, stress at work, unhappiness, feeling drained.


Positive meaning: Improvement of your finances, recovery after financial hardships or divine help and abundance coming your way.

Negative meaning: bad intentions, poor investments, loss.


Positive meaning: The Star often represents someone who is an Aquarius or a healer. They can also be artistically inclined.

Negative meaning: a guru, fake healer, scammer, emotional manipulator.

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