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The Moon

The Moon is one of the deepest and darkest cards in Tarot. It speaks of our subconscious, our connection with the divine and feminine energy.


It is also a card of choices. The Moon often represents emotional turmoil which must be addressed by making a decision. Two paths are available to the sitter, one will be beneficial, the other, detrimental.

The Moon's Message & Meaning

The Moon is the card of all deep and important emotions. It is the ocean of feelings and emotions we all need to learn to navigate.

It often wants to get your attention so that hidden or unaddressed problems can be taken care of. Denials can have disastrous effects and the time for healing has come.

Above all, the Moon is the card of life defining decisions. You may be facing a crucial choice and it may require emotional courage and lots of honesty to go in the right direction.

Overall, the Moon is the card of the Dark night of the Soul. Often a difficult moment, but also a necessary stop on your healing journey.


Upright, the Moon wants to shed light on your emotional life. It could be time to take an honest look at your relationships, including the one you have with yourself. Are you being honest about your feelings? Can you face your emotions?

Keywords: Emotional dilemma, trauma healing, revelations, intimacy, psychic abilities.


Reversed, the Moon speaks of avoiding feelings and emotions or handling them poorly. This could explain the repetitions of destructive patterns and toxic behaviours.

Keywords: Trauma denial, subconscious pain, delusions, mental illness, depression.


There could be an issue of trust in your relationship. Someone may have let you down or hidden the truth.

You may be facing a painful decision. The Moon leaves room for healing, but a warning can't be ignored.


You may be disappointed by the development of your career, or struggle to find fulfilment in what you do. 

Make sure your emotional well-being is not suffering from a job or career path that is taking too much from you.

The Moon can speak of talent for therapeutic work and psychic skills.


Don't let yourself become vulnerable by neglecting practical matters.

You could find yourself disappointed at the results of investment.


Positive meaning: The Moon can simply represent someone who is a Pisces, but often speaks of healers, people with psychic abilities or who are deeply emotional.

Negative meaning: A narcissist, a liar, an emotional bully, someone suffering from mental illness.

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