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The Tower

Feared like Death and the Devil card, the Tower is indeed a difficult one. But it's not all doom and gloom, remember Tarot is all about nuances.

The Tower points at endings, sometimes abrupt, including break-ups. It also often refers to a new living situation and simply moving houses.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning and how to read

The Tower's Meaning & Messages

The Tower is a very powerful Tarot Card that indicates a prediction that is almost impossible to reverse or change: the momentum is so strong, you're gonna have to ride it out and hold on tight...

The Tower always indicates sudden changes, sometimes brutally quick. It often indicates the end of a cycle, the collapse of something that wasn't sustainable and will need to be left behind or rebuilt with completely new foundations.

It can also be the consequences of your actions catching up with you in an unexpected way.


Upright, the Tower is actually more difficult to deal with than reversed, it's one of those cards. It speaks of sudden changes, interruptions, injuries, cancellations, break ups, shocking revelations.

Keywords: (shocking) revelations, accidents, break down, break ups, burn out, collapse, endings, destruction, difficult healing journey.


Reversed, the Tower becomes more of a (last) warning where the momentum is not completely irreversible yet.

Keywords: warnings, shadow work, disaster averted, last chance, lack of control, major revelations.

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Positive meaning: It's hard to find a positive meaning to the Tower when it comes to love. But it could mean the end of a difficult cycle or even a break up that is a relief.

Negative meaning: the end of a relation. An abusive relationship. Violence.


Positive meaning: Getting out of a bad work situation or a contract that was keeping you small/in bondage. You are liberated and free to move on.

Negative meaning: unemployment, the end of a career, getting laid off, loss of respect or status.


Positive meaning: Something does not happen and it is for your benefit. A deal or investment does not come through, protecting your from making a mistake.

Negative meaning: bankruptcy, collapse, loss, homelessness. 


Positive meaning: Hard to find redeeming qualities in this case, but a difficult encounter could actually be part of a much needed wake up call.

Negative meaning: A violent person, a thief, someone with strong destructive tendencies, addiction or even suicidal tendencies.

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