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Are you actively manifesting love into your life? Need a little pick me up? This guided journal to manifest love easily will be your new best friend.


This guided journal is crafted with care to help you attract love and release resistance by focusing on joy, gratitude and positive belief systems that will support your desires.


The Universe WANTS what you WANT. But sometimes, we stand in our own way by holding on to the past, disappointments or even heartbreaks that shook our ability to open up to love. If that's you, don't worry, you are not alone, you are not broken and it is not too late to let love in.


I highly recommend to use this journal for at least a week without skipping a day for best results. If your resistance is high, you can repeat the process and use this as a monthly guide. Remember that the timeline is not in our hands and the more we focus on how & when, the more resistance we build.


Let it flow, trust in your natural worthiness and know that love is always trying to make its way to you. Now's the time to open up and receive it.


Manifest Love - A Weekly Guided Journal (Overview)


In this journal you'll find a daily guided practice to repeat every day along with custom affirmations, scripting pages and guidance to call in the very feeling of love to allow you to tap into the right frequency and get into alignment with ease.


Your new love life chapter starts here and now. I believe in you 💜

Manifest Love - A Weekly Guided Journal

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