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The World

The World is one of the most positive cards in Tarot. It is the card of completion, success and total manifestation.

The World tells you that you are exactly where you need to be. What you are living now is most likely something you have prayed for in the past. Give thanks and stay grounded.

All of your efforts have paid off, let yourself fully align with your Higher Self to receive all that is yours.

The World's Meaning & Messages

The World is one of those cards (like the Sun or the Four of Wands), if it comes out in your spread, it simply makes everything better.

Even if your situation doesn't seem optimal, you'll soon realize that everything made sense entirely. You are being protected and if not already, about to feel solid, strong and harmonious.

The World speaks of your dreams coming true, of  a deep sense of belonging and security as well as regeneration and healing.

The World in Tarot also reminds us that by loving where we are, we keep improving our situation more quickly. Give yourself and the world around you a lot of Grace.


Upright, the World grants you about all of your desires. As one of the absolute most powerful and positive cards in the deck, it is always a resounding yes to your inquiry and the promise of success, harmony and well-being.

Keywords: completion, manifestation, recognitions, financial security, love, dreams come true.


Even reversed, the World stays a rather positive presence in your spread. The worst that can happen now are delays and slight confusion but it can all be helped and corrected. Just give yourself a moment to get grounded and see things differently again.

Keywords: Delays, incapability to acknowledge what you have, blessings in disguise, a test of faith.

Use The World to manifest

Your Dream Home
Public Recognition


Positive meaning: Your love life is being infinitely blessed. If you are in a relationship, expect a whole new level of depth, harmony and commitment. If you are single, you could meet the love of your life. Trust your path.

Negative meaning: You could be frustrated by delays in your love life but don't let this  throw you off your game.


Positive meaning: Whatever you've been praying for, it's happening now. A raise or a promotion is in the card. You also get the recognition you deserve and may be honored or celebrated in your career. You are respected and admired.

Negative meaning: Someone else may be outshining you temporarily, just be patient with it, your time will come.


Positive meaning: The World is a wonderful card for all things finances! Strong investment, smart decisions and abundance are announced. The presence of all four fixed signs speak of actual wealth and full financial security.

Negative meaning: Financial gains may be less than you expected but not all is lost.


Positive meaning: The World often speaks of a situation rather than a person but it some cases, it will be someone with strong Fixed energy (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius placements). It can also be the person who is the conduit for your manifestation. Trust the role that they play.

Negative meaning: You may not fully appreciate what someone could be bringing into your life, try and change your perspective.

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