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This journal has been designed with love and care to help you fine tune your belief systems and allow miracles into your life... resistance free!


Miracles are normal. Miracles happen every day. YOU are your own miracle. Remember that: you're allowed to live, receive and witness miracles in every aspect of your life, simply because you exist. That's right. You are inately worthy.


This guided journal will help you remember this while tuning in to the frequency of gratitude... the great manifesting multiplier.


What you'll find in this journal:

- Affirmations I constantly use for myself and my clients, they are crafted with care to release resistance and allow blessings to pour in.

- Daily Guidance to tune in to the frequency of miracles through gratitude

- A Weekly Gratitude Reminder

- Space to script


This journal is made to feel easy while keeping you tuned in for a full week to the right energy. The more you use it the better it gets (one week is the minimum length but you can repeat the use for as long as you'd like, the results will only get more and more amazing!)


I highly encourage you to keep track of the manifestations that come in as you journal to strengthen your positive beliefs even more.


Are you ready? I know you are.



A Week to Manifest Miracles (Guided Journal)

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