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Wondering how to start your Tarot business and grow online? I got you covered with actionable tips and advices based on 15 years of experience.


This eBook is designed to help you get started and ready to launch your online Tarot business with confidence so you can bring clarity to your clients while getting fairly compensated.


As an experienced Tarot reader with a corporate background in marketing and communications, I have literally seen it all, heard it all and tried it all. I have created my own brand and consulted for countless clients (and still do). I have migrated my websites mutliple times, upgraded my online store, created courses, coached people from all around the world, tested various price points... And I've got some intel. 


This eBook can without a doubt save you up to 1-3 years of headaches and trying to figure it out all out by starting with solid foundations.


Table of content overview:

  1. Define Your Tarot Reading Voice
  2. The Identity of your brand 
  3. understand your audience
  4. offers and strategy
  5. Setting the right prices
  6. the spiritual entrepreneur mindset
  7. Choosing the right tools
  8. Social Media
  9. Growth & Endurance


I'm as serious as can be when I say that your clients need you now. So many people around the world need guidance more than ever, and they want it from someone they can relate to and trust. Some they can connect with. I'll show you how to identify your target audience for real growth and more importantly, to land real sales.


Followers are nice. Clients are immensely more valuable. And they're not necessarily the same people at all.


In this eBook, we'll talk business.


"How to Start and Grow Your Online Tarot Business" is not only jam packed with nuggets of wisdom, it's all filled with tangible and actionable advices to get you started and make this dream your reality. You can absolutely do it.


I'm pretty unapologetic about my no BS approach because being a spiritual entrepreneur is not for the faint hearted but the rewards are huge. Both personally and financially. You don't need to choose.


Actually, making sure you are fairly compensated is the best way to ensure you will be delivering the best possible guidance and services. 

Let me teach you to create a win-win environment for you and your clients.


So if you're serious about starting your Tarot business and need a little more guidance to take that leap of faith and change your life... this eBook is most definitely for you.


Let's get you inspired. Let's get you started.

How to Start & Grow Your Tarot Business eBook

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