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Tarotfesting is the art of manifesting with Tarot.


Learn how to use one of the most powerful tools in the world to boost your manifesting powers and support your practice with more guidance, techniques and confidence.


Tarot can help you manifest more easily in many ways:


  • Check in on your manifesting process with specific spreads
  • Up your game by reading more accurately
  • Know when you're in resistance to release it before getting in your own way
  • Know what your vibe is, shift and adjust accordingly
  • Understand your own momentum
  • Stay in alignment by achieving clarity


This bundle gives you access to 4 of my most beloved digital products, which work wonders together when used regularly!


  1. One Month Manifesting Challenge (my personal practice to stay in alignment no matter what)
  2. Numbers in Tarot: read more accurately using numbers
  3. 10 Tarot Sprads for Love (10 custom spreads to infuse more love into your life... the source for everything!)
  4. My best selling eBook "How to Manifest the Life you Want Using Tarot" including countless manifesting tips and 3 specific manifesting Tarot spreads


I originally created this bundle at 65% off  to celebrate the Summer Solstice. I decided to leave it up here for a little longer and add to it as possible. Grab it while it lasts x



Keep manifesting, keep believing. You're not here by accident.





Tarotfesting Bundle (Manifest with Tarot)

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