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The Lovers

The Lovers is, first and foremost, the card of choices and decisions. Way more than love.

The original depiction of the Lovers puts more emphasis on this meaning.

Often, the Lovers will have you face your need to make choices in love (not just romantic love!). Allow the guidance to come through and don't settle for the easy solution.

The Lover's Meaning & Messages

The Lovers in Tarot reminds us that taking the high road will always gets us further in life. When this card comes up, you are usually facing (or about to face) an important decision.

Trust in your ability to make a wise and enlightened choice. At this point, you have all the power to decide (other cards will let you know that the wheel will change with or without you...)

This beloved card is also one that stands for beauty, harmony and intelligence. It brings about many possibilities, opportunities and blessings. But to receive those, you'll have to achieve a certain level of clarity and wisdom to make the right decisions.

In love, you can trust in your current partner and let yourself fully commit to the person your heart knows is right for you.


Upright, the Lovers speak of harmony, wisdom, love and good decisions.

It can indicate a love affair and improvement in one's love life. 

It is also generally about the power of healing through (self) love and the benefits of emotional harmony.

Keywords: harmony, self love, romance, being on the right path, the high road, clarity, protection, guidance.


Reversed, the Lovers speak of laziness or a relationship in crisis.

It can also bring up your struggle to make an important choice. You may need more information to move forward.

Keywords: lies, imbalance, laziness, insincerity, duplicity.

Use The Lovers to manifest

A new partner
Healing in a relationship


Positive meaning: The Lovers announce positive unfolding in your love life. Expect healing, reconciliation or someone opening up to you in a deeper, more honest manner. 

Negative meaning: Difficulties in your relationship(s), a break up, unfaithfulness, the wrong romantic partner.


Positive meaning: The Lovers especially favours artistic careers as well as those who serve, healers, volunteers, creators etc. Trust your intuition and inspiration to get you on the right path.

Negative meaning: the wrong career path, delusions, ambitions are out of reach.


Positive meaning: Usually tied with domestic possessions/finances, the Lovers speak of improvement and help being readily available if you need it.

Time to consider investing in your dream home.

Negative meaning: Someone close may be taking advantage of you, poor decisions are being made in investments and banking.


Positive meaning: The Lover can simply speak of someone who is a Gemini. Of course it can also be your love interest or the symbol of your relationship.

Negative meaning: A cheater, someone who is not emotionally available.

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