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Are you ready to take control of your life?

Do you want to manifest more easily?

Do you tend to manifest and then fall back into old patterns?

Are you ready for MORE?

Do you want better relationships?

Do you know you're worthy of a better life but need dropping the old story?


I. Got. You.


Becoming a master manifestor means taking a systemic approach to manifesting in order to design your life precisely and on purpose. To do this, we will work together over at least 3-6 months to flip the script and get you the life you want and deserve.


The goal of a master manifesting program is not to get a quick fix, manifest a text or a one time solution, but to truly get yourself on cruise control in the most efficient way. And yes, the texts and solutions will also come in, but in a sustainable way.


This program is designed to last between 3 and 6 months. It includes 6 live video coaching sessions with me, premium access to email and texting for the duration of your program and exclusive resources that will be yours to keep including custom manifesting challenges that I will create for you after our first assessment and homework that you will be able to go back to for the rest of your life.


This is truly a LIFE CHANGING program to which you will be required to be fully committed. I will give you my absolute best based on 15 years of experience as a spiritual and personal coach.

Our job together is to completely boost your mindset, teach you new manifesting skills and allow your perspective and life to change. You'll be in control of what happens next.


In this program I will teach you how to:

- reclaim your unlimited power

- take responsibility for your experience

- create a life you love

- manifest specific things into your life

- increase your self-esteem

- bust limiting beliefs

- stay on track for good with self-coaching techniques that will last a lifetime


Sounds too good to be true? That's limiting belief #1 and our job, together, is to prove it wrong.


If you’ve tried countless “manifesting techniques” but still find yourself stranded, ghosted or losing money and connections, there’s something else at play.

Of course, one off techniques can be helpful and a lot of fun. But they are the icing on your manifesting cake. They’re not necessary at all and you need to already have a solid, delicious cake ready to add it on top of. 


Whether you want to change your love life, manifest a person back, heal your money mindset or general mentality: We will get to the bottom of it all and send you home with a new programming that will serve you all your life.


Together, we will dive deep into your needs and create your custom recipe for automatic, successful manifesting including:


  • Your personal brand of holding on and letting go

  • Your signature belief systems

  • Your lack mentality and active insecurities (guilt, shame, fears etc.)

  • Your immediately accessible shifts to manifest

  • The tools you need to create a successful manifesting lifestyle


One session takes about an hour and is followed by emails and texts in between sessions.


Whether you are dealing with loss, trauma, a feeling of unworthiness or struggling in your relationships: we WILL get to the bottom of things and implement a strategy for lasting changes.


Are you ready to:

  • Manifest successfully on auto-pilot?
  • Feel empowered and joyful?
  • Claim back your life?
  • Receive the abundance and love you’re worthy of?


Then let’s dive in.


This master session is perfect for anyone already familiar with the basics of what manifesting is but ready to ascend to the next level of success. Whether you’re starting a new business, want to manifest love or change your life from top to bottom. We can do it together.


The best part? This is a fun and joyful process! Say goodbye to pain and bs. It’s time to be happy again.


My whole practice is dedicated to helping you live your best possible life. That's why I pour my whole soul, experience and expertise in helping people for over 15 years in every session.


I can't wait to work with you and be part of your healing, growth and journey to success.


Scheduling your first session:

- Please contact me before booking to make sure this is the right fit. 

- Once you've placed your order here, your first session will be scheduled and take place within 7 days of purchase. If you have questions about timing and availability, don't hesitate to get in touch.

- I only coach femmes & female identified people (no shade, this is the energy and experience I specialize in. As you'll learn with me: focus & honesty are the greatest foundations for success).


Master Manifesting Coaching Program

  • Duration: 3 months minimum / 6 months maximum

    Includes 6 live coaching sessions (~1 hour live video discussion)

    Custom challenges and homeworks

    Weekly email discussions & follow ups

    Life changing views that will make miracles your norm

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