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The Best Uses for Tarot

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Tarot is more than a prediction tool. So much more! I mention it here and there but thought it was time for a post dedicated to my favorite ways of using Tarot.

Sometimes we want predictions, sometimes we want guidance, sometimes we just want to focus on our own powers. All that is possible and more.

Here are some of the best uses for Tarot.


Predictions is one of the most popular uses of Tarot and often the reason why people turn to the deck for the first time. Good call. Tarot can tell you exactly what's going to happen based on where you are and the energies at play. I don't know how it works, but it does. I used to be very skeptical but as a teenager, I was proven wrong and had to accept it: Tarot does predict the future. Whether you want to know if you'll get married, find a new job or get general insights, the cards got your back.

In Europe, the Marseille and Italian traditions are mainly based on predictions. I remember my mother's friends coming over for coffee and snacks, my mom would read the cards. A couple weeks later, they would update each other and confirm that the predictions had come to pass or were lining up. And it was never a big deal.

“Predicting the future with Tarot is easy and natural.”

Does it mean that you're stuck with only one option for each situation or that you have no free will? I don't believe so. That's why my next favorite use for Tarot is Manifesting!

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There are many ways to manifest and we all have our favorite tools. I am personally a big fan of scripting, others love to visualise and that's just two of many options. And that's one of the best uses of Tarot: manifesting what you want.

Because Tarot is the perfect mix of predictions and guidance (more on that below), it can actually tell you where you stand in regards to your current intentions and manifestations. So you can check if you're on track and if you're not, you'll know what to change to get back in control and avoid disappointments.

I have shared a couple of spread tutorials I like to use to check on my manifestations if I feel something might not be on track or if I need a little confirmation. But you can also read intuitively and let the cards guide you. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

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Literally the deck's first job. Whether you're manifesting or getting specific predictions, Tarot will never just give you a dry answer.

It will give you insights: why is the situation the way it is, what's the context and how can you either correct what's wrong or make the most of the opportunities around you. And that is the biggest gift of the cards in my experience. Tarot is a very specific tool and will always be the boss of all cards, oracles etc.

“Providing Guidance always was and still is Tarot's number 1 job. It is the ultimate intuitive coaching tool.”

Tarot has all the insights and advices you can find in any oracle deck and more on top of its prediction system. So you can ask Tarot what to do, how to do it, what to know, focus on etc. The deck can provide infinite guidance and help you make decisions by revealing your own truest intuition as well as shedding lights on factors you were maybe not considering or focusing on.


Do you want the cards to shut up and help you out at the same time? Absolutely doable. You can also use Tarot to meditate instead of doing a spread or asking questions. For example, I like to choose a card (don't pick one randomly or you might start to read into it) based on a feeling I am working on or type of meditation I am doing.

For instance if I am focusing on my body and health, I'll chose the Ace of Cups or The Star and start my meditation by staring at the card, analyzing every detail and letting its energy flow with mine.

You can also lay a few cards of choice in front of you and let them tell you a story (not your story) and let your mind blindly wander until it gets blank. Definitely a way to let revelations and breakthroughs come to you.