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Ghetto Tarot of Haiti

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

When I first saw pictures from the Ghetto Tarot of Haiti I was absolutely blown away. Needless to say, I had to share this wonderful project by Belgian photographer Alice Smeets with you all.

Together with artists from the collective Atis Rezistants, she brought the entire Tarot deck to life – major and minor suits included – in the streets of Haiti. The result is stunning and reminds us how close Tarot is to real life, how it covers all of our experiences and emotions.



Ghetto Tarot of Haiti

The Hermit of the Ghetto Tarot of Haiti. Photo Credits Alice Smeets

This is such a gorgeous reproduction of the classic figure of wisdom and solitude of our decks. I particularly love the lamp and the colour code. The Hermit has always been associated with cold colours and environment. The Blue and Green on this photograph match this perfectly.

ghetto tarot haiti hanged man

Ghetto tarot – the Hanged Man. Photo Credits Alice Smeets

Another amazing example of this beautiful work of art is the Hanged Man. Even the halo is there and this Hanged Man’s position is just perfect.

You can pre-order the Tarot deck and support Alice’s work on IndieGogo here

Learn more about Atis Rezistans here

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