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Is Manifesting a science? Let's settle this.

Is manifesting a science? Are we really having this conversation? Apparently, yes!😅

I’m starting to get pissed off at some people in the spiritual community who are obviously hell bent on getting the maximum amount of views or making a quick buck by spreading absolute bullshit. While I usually don't respond to many things because I know my energy is currency and I pick my battles... This one deserves a little clarification.

Look, I am a master manifesting teacher. I live and breathe manifesting. And one of the reasons why I'm so successful at this, is that I am fully unavailable for BS and lies.

science lab and the question is manifesting a science
Is manifesting a science?

Fact 1: a lot of people are out here looking for answers and sometimes help. That’s absolutely great and the reason I do what I do (reading tarot, sharing about manifesting and personal development) is because it helped me so much and I know it works… when you do it right. I am passionate about help Womxn grow, reclaim their power and understand that life gets to be wonderful for them no matter what happened before.

This work is scared to me, it is on my heart.

Fact 2: it’s not effing science. Physics is a science. Chemistry is a science. Manifesting is a craft and a practice, that maybe one day science will be able to explain. Of course it will. All in due time.

Even if you're good at something that science can explain, that does not make you a scientist. And claiming to understand quantum physics because you can manifest a text simply makes you a fraud. If you're a great baker, you're using chemistry in your art. It does not make you a qualified chemist.

I believe in science. It explains (or aims to explains) the mechanisms of our world and universe. It supports progress in technology, medicine and transportation. I respect the work being done and leave it to scientists to continue to help us make sense of the forces at work. And I do my thing: guide my clients, help my community and share honest experiences as I navigate psychology, spirituality and life.

I believe in manifesting. I actually coined the word "TAROTFESTING" so... yes. I'm on board. I understand very well and I know that it works and how to make it work for me and my clients. But the next time I hear some basic b on TikTok “explain” quantum physics, I might actually scream.

Obviously, we are all suspecting something when watching a documentary about quantum physics, the fabric of reality etc. and think about our manifesting journal sitting on the bedside table.

That’s cool, it’ our mind being curious and excited. But it’s not SCIENCE.

Scientists are still scoffing at all things manifesting, religious and spiritual (that’s fine, they’ve done it before… Scientific discoveries make all of us grow and evolve together. Whatever).

I’m not here to hate on anyone but I need to clarify where I stand because things are a little muddy right now out there.

As a spiritual teacher myself:

  1. I understand the importance of staying humble in the face of the unknown.

  2. I understand the importance of words and their meanings. Science uses a methodology that is very specific. Science is about facts, observations, reproducing results, systemic approaches… and it has not yet explained and delivered any results on manifesting.

  3. I am determined to protect the integrity of the community I love. Because I believe in manifesting, I don’t want it to be stained by idiots spreading false information for click bait.

  4. I also know that science does not explain everything all the time and we have to be cool with that. Science does not explain arts, humor or poetry, it does not explain faith. One day it might, or not, that doesn’t take away any value from those things (or their reality and importance in our life!)

Making false statements about the art of manifesting (or as Abraham Hicks calls it, "the art of allowing") discredits our entire community. It also says a lot about the "teachers" or "gurus" who use those dirty strategies. Nope, they do not understand manifesting. Nope, they do not understand science.

Manifesting is real. It is a craft and for now a beautiful mystery that is helping us connect with ourselves, upgrade our lives and improve our experience on this little rock floating in space.

Science is real. It is one of humanity's greatest assets and should be respected as such.

TikTok is real. But let’s be honest, it doesn’t really matter and will disappear soon enough.

This is important because good people are out there looking for genuine help. Fake gurus use big words to impress and manipulate. They hurt our work, they hurt their clients.

Some things we know for sure:

✅ Manifesting is real and it works

✅ Science is real and it works

✅ Science does not explain nor support manifesting at this point

✅ Scientific discoveries happen every day, we can wait for this one

✅ Not everything is explained by science yet, that’s okay

✅ Suspecting quantum physics may be linked to manifesting does not make one a scientist

✅ Making false claims about a practice is toxic and fraudulent

✅ Honest teachers will be comfortable not knowing everything

✅ Choosing our words carefully make us better manifesters

✅ Respecting other fields of knowledge help us work together in harmony

✅ Being genuine and humble elevates our entire community

Why is this message important, my loves? Because the manifesting community is growing (yay!!). And we don’t want toxic idiocy to take over and give more ammunition to the skeptics out there (no!!).

We do have a responsibility, especially when we put ourselves out there to help guide others.

So let us all continue to support each other with genuine conversations while taking responsibility for the information we share across the web (and the world).

Not knowing everything may be part of the poetry and beauty of the manifesting process after all.

✨ Let’s grow together.

✨ Let’s unravel the mysteries of the hows together (by letting scientists to their job while practicing our craft).

✨ Let’s not forget the meaning of the words we use.

✨ Let’s stay focused.

And let’s manifest a better effing world where stupidity is not the norm.

Love you!

Lou x

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