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Make it Happen – Manifesting with Tarot Spread Tutorial

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Manifesting with Tarot is one of my favorite things to do and it works like magic. Some things are predestined from the moment we allow them to be and from the moment they are called upon us. And this Manifesting with Tarot spread will help you check if you’re on the right path and how you can get there faster.

I am a firm believer that things can always be changed, improved or corrected. Nothing in this world is fixed forever. Not even rocks. Certainly not people’s fate. Everything is vibration (literally). Nothing is ever entirely still. That’s good news and we intend to make the most of this opportunity!

The aim of this spread is to help you see where you stand in regards to any situation and compare your options. It can be used for a love, work or financial question. Or anything else!

It’s really simple and I made a point of keeping it short with very few cards for the sake of clarity.

For this spread, you will need only 4 cards. I encourage you to use the full deck but some people like to use the Major Arcana only for highly focused and important readings. Do what works best for you, I assure you the cards will speak either way.

The important thing is that you are comfortable with your choice.

Shuffle your cards, focus on your question for about a minute and let the inspiration come to you. As always, make sure no one and nothing is disturbing your peace and focus during this process. If your neighbours are shouting next door or if anything is making you uneasy, reschedule!

It’s important to be in a neutral mindset as you draw the cards.

Now pick 4 cards out of your deck and place them as on the image above.

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Manifesting with Tarot Spread : How to Read


This is your current path and where you are headed. You could call it your current unfolding manifestation. This is happening now and in the near future. It is a prediction and a state of being. In the example above, it is the Sun.

This card will tell you if you’re manifesting what you desire or if you’re still in a different place. Know that you could still be experiencing past manifestations unfolding. This is why sometimes it takes a longer time to get results.


This card shows you immediately if you’re aligned with your higher purpose or not. If this second card is harmonious with the first, then things are already looking good and the next card will tell you how to continue on your path and make the best of everything on the way. If this card clashes with the previous one (like on the example above), it would appear that you are not (yet) on your way to your desired outcome. The next card will tell you how to rectify and adjust your situation.


The third card helps you identify an important step on your way to your manifestation. This can be a very passive thing such as staying patient and focused (i.e NOT taking action).

Such an advice could come from Temperance for instance. Or maybe you need to do something, while letting yourself be inspired, you may have to contact someone, travel or take a specific action to unlock your manifestation. Such an advice could be given by the Chariot or Judgement.


When manifesting, one golden rule is to allow and not force. That doesn’t necessarily mean sit on the couch and wait for money to rain in your living room. Often times, we need to distract ourselves with important other tasks to make room for a big manifestation to come in.

Sometimes these tasks, without us thinking of it, lead us right to the thing we wanted.

Notice how SP’s often text while we’re sleeping or least expect them to? That’s what I’m talking about. This card can help you address another issue in your life that requires your attention and will also allow you to let the Universe do its job without you interfering constantly.

Want to know more about Tarot, free will and manifesting? I recently wrote about this subject on the blog with more tips on using Tarot to manifest what you want.

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