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How to Prepare for a Tarot Reading – Simple Tips

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Whether you’re about to have a face to face or online Tarot reading, there are ways to help you get ready for it. When you prepare for a Tarot reading you are guaranteed better results and ensure to get answers to the questions that are most important to you.

This is even more helpful for those who have never had a reading or feel a little reluctant or unsure at first. Many people have different ideas about Tarot, but one thing that is always important is for you to feel good after your reading.

Here are 4 Simple Tips to Help you Prepare for a Tarot Reading

Why do you need a reading?

What brings you to ask the cards advice today? Try and clarify for yourself what is the motivation behind your booking – it’s not always obvious. Letting your reader know will simplify the session. Not just to make the reader’s work easier but to help you get the exact answers you were looking for in the first place.

Sometimes I feel like people are not telling me the whole story at the start of a reading. There’s no pushing them of course. But the cards will always tell me what it’s all about and when I put my finger on it, that’s when they start reacting and talking.

Your reader will always figure out why you came, but saying it from the start will allow you to have more time to dig into this subject. In other words: to have more effective Tarot session for your money.

Make Time

Try not to squeeze your Tarot session between other appointments and if possible, keep some time for yourself right after it. Half an hour is enough, an hour is better. Go for a walk, reflect on the things you have just been told and the message of the cards. Let them soak in.

Your Tarot session should be like visiting the spa: pure me-time. Don’t let it end abruptly. Treat yourself to a nice coffee or tea on your way home and relax. Maybe take notes for yourself: How do you feel after this reading? What do you keep from it?

That applies to online readings as well, if you’re getting a report by email for instance, open it when you can focus en relax. Don’t check it in a traffic jam or between two meetings at work. The temptation might be strong but it’s worth waiting for the right time.

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Make a List of Questions

This is especially helpful if you go to a face to face reading. Often people come with many things on their mind and as the cards start to speak, more questions come to them. Sometimes very unexpected ones. And that’s a great thing! Because surprises are also part of a good Tarot reading (and maybe sometimes the whole point of it).

But there’s only so much time for each reading and making a list will ensure you don’t leave frustrated because of that one little question that was forgotten.

I always leave a little bit of time at the end of my readings for “smaller” questions or clarifications. This is a good window for my sitters to check their list when they have one and make sure we covered everything.

Go With an Open Mind

Different readers read in different ways. If you have a preferred deck, ask your reader if they have it and what other decks they have that could work if this one isn’t available.

But for the rest, know that if you’ve had a reading with someone 5 years ago and are now about to have a reading with someone else, it might be (very) different.

Some readers let you start with specific questions, others just open with the cards and let them lead the way. If you have a preferred way, just tell your reader. I can’t think of a reader who wouldn’t do their best to make you feel comfortable with your reading.

Some readers use crystals, candles or incense, some use a special cloth under the cards. Some use nothing at all, just the deck. None of this matters much. The most important thing is that your reader is experienced with the cards and has seriously studied the meaning and history of the deck. The rest is just style and beliefs.

Trust your reader. See where the reading is going. Enjoy the ride because once again, surprise and Tarot go well together.

Do you have other tips on how you prepare for a reading and how to make the most of it? Leave a comment below!

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