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Summer Solstice Tarot Rituals: for Love, Growth and Healing

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Using the Season's Energy for Powerful Readings

Every Tarot reader I know is deeply connected to the elements and natural phenomenons. Of course the Moon is a spiritual guide and friend to many of us. But the Summer and Winter Solstices are crucial moments of the year that make for wonderful and unique Tarot readings. These are perfect times to create meaningful rituals and associate them with unique Tarot Readings.

To make the most of these special phenomenons, I have tried and tested several rituals over the years. Here are 2 that I wanted to share with you as we prepare for the longest day of the year.

These rituals and readings are easy to learn and you won’t need complex or expensive items.

Long lasting love ritual

The first tutorial is for a small and simple tarot ritual to bless young relationships and those that need a little consolidating. Or just to meditate on your love.

Aim of this Ritual

The goal is to connect with your current love situation, to focus on its bright side and make the most of the blessing you have received through love. It is also to give back to ensure you keep feeding this virtuous circle and help it grow.

summer solstice tarot for love

What You’ll Need

  1. A fresh long branch with young green leaves

  2. A deep dark vase half filled with water

  3. One Crystal Quartz or Amethyst (you can use a handful of smaller crystals or one bigger piece)

  4. Your Tarot Deck

  5. A cloth or support for your tarot reading

How to Proceed

Before you start, decide where you’ll sit to mediate and do your reading. It should be outdoors: a park, your garden or a forest.

Fill the vase with fresh water. Add your crystal(s) in the water and let them infuse while you meditate and focus on your current love situation. Think of how you’ll commit in the long run and why you want this to last.

Are there issues that need resolving? Try to think peacefully of efficient solutions.

Gently put the branch in the vase while meditating on the depth of your love.

Focus on what Blessings love is bringing to you and your life and what you’re willing to give in return. Once you reach a totally peaceful and positive state of mind, proceed to the following Tarot reading.

Associated Tarot Tutorial

Only use the major arcana for this reading. Set the minor cards aside and mix your cards well while continuing your meditation. Then proceed to choosing 3 cards. Place them in front of you, going from left to right.

summer solstice  tarot rituals for love tutorial

CARD 1: What is love teaching me now?

CARD 2: How can I give back in a meaningful way?

CARD 3: How can I make this love last?

Thank the cards for their answers.

When the reading is done, take the branch out of the vase and plant it in a safe and open space where it will have a chance to take roots.

When you’re ready, bless the branch and say goodbye. You will have to re-energize your crystals afterwards.

Healing Ray of Light

Sunny outside doesn’t mean happy inside. Sometimes our troubles and worries can be so overwhelming we forget that every day still is a blessing. That every sunset holds beauty we’ll never experience twice. This ritual is all about finding joy and courage again: to shine light in the dark.

This ritual must be conducted under a tree, it is the main imperative. The power and the energy of the tree will be the source of everything and essential to the success of your session.

Ideally, you should try to find a tree, which speaks to you personally. It does not need to be old or rare. But special to you. It could be the tree you planted when you first moved into your house or one you pass by regularly with your dog and like to salute on the way. Having a connection – or building one on this occasion – with a tree is key.

Aim of the Healing Ray of Light Tarot Ritual

The purpose of this simple tarot ritual is to let a little light in. To find joy and feel better, no matter what is happening in your life.

summer solstice  Tarot Rituals Herbs

What You’ll Need

  1. Fresh seasonal flowers, ideally wild but if you can’t find any you can buy some, just make sure they’re in season!