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The Cure for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will be in Retrograde from April 21st until May 14th. We're already in its shadow period.

The planet of communication gets a bad rap for her motions backwards but... is it really all doom and gloom?

Of course not! I like to make the most of these episodes and level up on my manifestations while harnessing the power of Tarot. Here are some tips!

I actually have to come clean here. I don’t dislike Mercury Retrograde at all.

I know it’s the scapegoat for soooo many things and also a source of amazing memes on Instagram (which I love).

But the truth is, social media glitches and cringe exes making a come back aside... Mercury Retrograde can be a great way to check in with yourself, check on your manifestations, correct or revise what may need a little tweaking and actually feel empowered about your future by revisiting the past in a constructive way.

Make Mercury Retrograde your B….

Here are some tips not only to make it through this Retrograde, but to make this the best time ever. Seriously. Flip the script, make Mercury your B. Here’s how.

  1. Use this time to read Tarot and check in on any blocks that are in the way. Now's the time to revise and correct where needed.

  2. Reflect on the past without judgment. What can you do better next time? Be gentle with your assessment while welcoming helpful lessons and insights.

  3. Re-activate your power! Did you somehow give up on a dream or manifestation but still have that desire on your heart? Script it and start fresh. Give the past a new shape for a future that's more aligned with your real desires.

Learn to manifest with Tarot here.

Remember that just like anything else in life, Mercury Retrograde will serve you well if you approach it from the perspective of faith and empowerment. Everything is made to serve us if we let the Universe do its job.

Welcome this Retrograde and make it work… for YOU!

Bonus: yes, Mercury Retrograde often means things resurfacing from the past. For better and for worse. But remember you can turn this to your advantage. I'm pointing at you, manifesting that SP back ;) Now's the time to feel the love, script the story you want to see unfold and tap into good memories to reactivate what you may want back into your life.

Remember that everything is possible and YOU are in charge

Want to know more about what this Retrograde has in store for you? Book a session with me here.

Have more tips for our community to make it through Mercury Retrograde in style?? Leave a comment below 💜 💜 💜

Lou x

Oh and pssst: I've updated my best-selling eBook with new tips! Get your copy below!

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