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The Walking Dead Tarot Spread – 2 Halloween Tutorials

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

2 Original Tarot Spreads for your Halloween Tarot Night

I have to admit, I’m pretty darn happy with my Halloween special this year. I wanted something more than black cats and witches.

Don’t get me wrong. I love black cats and witches. And pumpkins! But I wanted to try something totally different just this once.

NOTE: this post was originally published in 2017 and brought back to you for Halloween 2019 


The reason why I consider zombies – and especially those based on our beloved TV show – a fantastic halloween theme is because they are not just any monsters, they are so much like us. They ARE us and we are them.

Halloween is the night where we let our demons out. A moment to face them in a more or less healthy or safe environment. We acknowledge their presence in our culture and in our lives.

The most famous or successful supernatural entities in our various folklores come from ourselves. Wendigos, witches, ghosts, even elves started off as humans. And of course, zombies.

My point being that the evil we are most afraid of, is the one that lives within ourselves.

walking dead tarot spread daryl

And if there’s one thing that most Walking Dead aficionados love about the show, one that makes it belong with quality horror stories is exactly that: if there is one thing more dangerous than a blood thirsty undead in a zombie apocalypse, it is for sure the human survivors you will meet on the road.


If you watch the Walking Dead, you know that the essence of the show lies in the characters and how they either help or let each other down. Deep down at its core, it’s a soap! The undead really are an excuse to explore the human relationships within our different groups.

Very few can survive on their own. Actually, no one survives without at least spending some time with a group before getting back on their way. That’s why the biggest Walking Dead Tarot Spread I’ll share with you is a rather* social one.

*you can adapt people/things and make it work best with your situation

walking dead tarot spread

The first spread is all about the undead. With this shorter, more self-centred spread, we’ll try and reveal something haunting you from the past. More importantly, the spread will give you ideas on how to address this issue to let it go forever.

The aim of the second spread is to shed light on your group, the people around you and your direct environment. Who’s got your back? What makes you strong? Who or what will turn out to be a deception? What’s the element of surprise? And what’s the real danger…


Below I will show you exactly how to do both spreads, how to read and apply them to your current situation. And actually, you don’t need to wait for Halloween to test these!


This first spread is super easy and only uses 4 cards from the major arcana.

Separate the major and minor cards. Set the minor arcana aside, you won’t need it. Mix your major arcana well and lay it in front of you.

Choose 4 cards and lay them out in a square shape (see below).

This layout is made of 4 cards, 4 steps: identify, approach, kill, scavenge.

The first card is the Undead, an issue that is overstaying its welcome and has been around way too long. This is the problem you need to address, now.

The second card shows you the right approach to start handling this “undead” issue in the best way. Should you go full steam and frontal or be more subtle? Should you reconsider your options or get help?

The 3rd card will tell you how to shoot the head, and definitely take care of this issue. This is how you solve the problem.

With the 4th card, you’ll learn what is the lesson or gain from this whole situation. Scavenge and check the pockets of your undead, there is certainly something there for you to keep.

walking dead tarot spread halloween

an easy walking dead tarot spread perfect for halloween


This is a much bigger spread than the first one. You will need the entire deck laid out in front of you, major and minors mixed well.

Draw each card by calling out their meaning and name first.

walking dead tarot spread halloween your group

a larger walking dead tarot spread for halloween

If you know the characters of the Walking dead, the image above should be enough to guide you 😉 but if not, here is a simple tutorial.

You can basically break this layout in 3 rows:

Row 1: Situation and General Guidance

Row 2: The Darker Side of your situation

Row 3: The Brighter Side of your situation

The first two cards set the scene of your current situation: what you are going for and what the cards generally advise for now.

The first card is a general guidance from the cards. Herschel is the voice of wisdom and moderation in the show. He is tough but kind, understanding and never acts hastily or with passion.

Rick is your second card. He is the leader of the group, for better or for worse, he is the one leading the way. He is “what” others follow. This is what or whom is currently leading your way. This is what or whom you are currently following.

The 2nd row focuses on the darker, more difficult aspects of your current situation. 

Lori, your 3rd card, symbolises what is an annoyance in your life. Something bothering you, something in the way. But it’s not something huge nor dangerous.

The 4th card is Eugene: careful as the person or thing showed on this card is guaranteed to be a deception. They are not what they seem and will let you down.

The 5th card represents a real danger in your life. This is your Negan. This is something you need to beware of and handle with intelligence and patience. Do not underestimate this issue as this is the thing that could break your plans or make you trip and fall along the way.

The 6th card is not a darker card per say, it is the element of surprise, AKA Carol. This is something that may not be as it appears. A person who is stronger than you think or more influential than what they let show. It could be an opportunity that you’ve neglected or have not yet ceased. Open up to the potential of this card.

The 3rd row will bring solutions and help

The 7th card reveals something in your life which will not last. Like Beth.

Michonne, the 8th card, is one of the strongest, most positive cards in this layout. It shows you what makes you stronger. Keep this person or this thing close to you at all times. Daryl on card 9 is somewhat similar to Michonne, this is someone who has your back at all times, or something you can count on. Always.

And finally the 10th card will show you the future, AKA Carl. This is the outcome of your current situation.

Craving for more Halloween Tarot ideas? Check out last my previous series of tutorials for the perfect Halloween readings.

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