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What Can You Do When Your Tarot Reading is a Disaster - Coping with Bad News

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Sometimes you read the cards for yourself or you book a reading. And there it is. The absolute darkness. All the worst card combos. All the answers and bad news you didn't want to hear. And more! Great.

What now?

What can you do when your Tarot reading is a disaster? What is the benefit or the point of dealing with such a thing?

It feels like sh!t and it's even a thing that can turn one off and away from the deck for a long time. Sometimes for good.

It happened to me recently so please rest assured: it's not just you!'s not the end of the world :). And it doesn't have to be the end of you getting what you actually want.


Am I saying that you can change your reading to whatever you want? Not really, no. The cards speak the truth. They show you where you stand and where you're headed. But you can always change where you're changing where you stand. See the catch here?

Here's a very concrete example. I once asked the cards about the possibility of sending a text message one day and what the repercussions would be. Bam, Ten of Swords. okay okay. Took another peek, Tower and then Ten of Swords! Could it be any clearer? And could it be any worse? Well, I didn't send the text and let it go.

I let about two weeks pass. I got the same urge to send the same person a text. But I was in a VERY different mindset. So I took a peak at the cards very intuitively, no spread, same way I did that previous time. I got the Ace of Cups. My Holy Grail. What changed? My mindset and my position in regards to the text. No other event occurred in the meantime that have any direct relation to this situation. The results? Better than I had even hoped for and at the same time exactly what I wanted.

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Here are some reasons why your reading can be negative

  • you read from a desperate place without calming your mind first

  • you expect the worst and the cards are reflecting your own mindset (address the fears that are sabotaging you and re-address)

  • you are on a negative path of manifestation, stuck in a vicious cycle (fear not, you can break it)

  • the cards are telling you off (we're closed, come back another day!)

Bad news in a Tarot reading happen and that's life. Bad news and set backs are part of it. But a completely disastrous reading from start to finish is suspicious. Not that it is not speaking the truth, but it is mostly telling you to stop. To not talk to the cards right now. It's like going for a drive during a blizzard. Dangerous AND you won't actually see the scenery that usually inspires you.

The cards have a way of telling you off by giving you all the worst cards you never want to see or simply by making no sense. (Also see my post When Tarot Cards Don't Make Sense). That second option usually happens when you exhaust the deck and ask too many questions over and over and overstay your welcome.

Tarot is Here to Guide You Not Condemn You: It's a Conversation.

So whatever the cards say, remember to stay grounded and know the difference between a life sentence and a rough path or a bump in the road. Easier said than done but it is absolutely doable. I got there and so can you. And by doing so, you do not remove any interest or value from your reading, but you stay in control of your life. Because it is YOUR life.

Tarot is here to guide you not condemn you. Just learn to say "okay, not today Satan". I'm going to not take any action but meditate, script or go for a two day hike. Whatever can help me shift my mindset and recenter. And then, we will speak again and see things clearer.

A Tarot Reading is exactly like having a conversation with someone. Depending on how you feel and how your day is going the same conversation with the same person can turn into a nasty fight or very constructive and good moment.

So basically when your Tarot reading is a disaster, it really doesn't have to be and stay that way. But it is a very good indication of you needing to make some changes to get in alignment with yourself again before continuing on your path.

I hope this helps! Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below :)

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