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Winter Meditation Tarot Spread Tutorial

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Grey skies, cold mornings, frozen grass and night falling upon us early. Winter is knocking on the door and it’s about time to let it in.

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I love to work with seasons. Because Tarot is so deeply linked to them. And so are we.

That’s why I designed this simple and effective Winter meditation tarot spread tutorial. It only requires 4 cards but will definitely have you think for a little while.

The aim of this spread is to meditate in a profound and simplified way with the help of the cards.

If you own a seasonal deck or one that is especially simple, then this would be perfect for this spread. But a classic Rider Waite or Marseille deck will work too. It has to feel right for you, as you focus on the season ahead.

I highly encourage you to get in a wintery mood to do this spread. A hot beverage, a darker time of the day or anything that will make you think and feel “Winter“.

For this spread, you will need your full tarot deck. Mix major and minor arcanas well and lay all the cards in front of you.

Call out each card and focus deeply as you pick each of them. Place them in front of you just like on the picture below.

winter meditation tarot spread tutorial


1 – Hibernate: there are things that sometimes need to be left alone for a while. This is one. Identify what is presented on this first card and let it sit on its own until it naturally comes back into your life. Time for a break from this.

2 – Contemplate: this second card is about something you need to be staring at and examining without forcing your thought process. Just like you’d stare out the window at the weather, or the wind in the trees. Contemplate this subject while letting ideas and thoughts flow freely. You could well be in for a revelation.

3 – Protect: this 3rd card shows you what you need to be nurturing and protecting from frost bites. This is something (or someone) that needs your protection and attention.

4 – Let Go: some things have to die in the Winter. So it goes. It is part of the natural cycles and prepares the necessary room for births and rebirths in the Spring. This 4th and last card shows you what you need to let go of. This is something that is over for now. It may come to life at a different time. But for now, say goodbye. It is a good and natural process.

I have tested this reading on myself using a miniature, minimalistic deck and would really recommend to choose your deck well for this one. The less busy the images, the better results you’ll get for this specific reading.

Enjoy! And if you like this spread, feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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