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Affirmations to Let In Your Manifestations

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

I'm really excited to share some fresh affirmations I have been compiling from working my coaching and Tarot clients... and some of my own that I use daily for more abundance and faster results!

If you're looking for some new inspiration for your daily affirmations, I'm sure there are few gems below that will work for you. Remember to make them your own. You can take and use them as they are, I guarantee they will rock your world. But as always, be bold, be you and make of them what you FEEL is right for you desire in your life.

Here we go! Scroll down to find and enjoy affirmations for:

  1. General Manifestations

  2. Abundance

  3. Love and SPs

  4. Money

  5. Healing

A little note before you go over them and pick your favorites...

You know what I like to do when I'm working on building and locking in beliefs that serve me and my desires? I remind myself of where I am and what I am. A spiritual being in a human suit experiencing life and light in a gigantic Universe that is beyond our conscious understanding. I remind myself that my breath a miracle. Put your hand on your heart, feel the miracle of it beating for you at all times. Feel the wonder and amazingness that is your very existence... now you're ready to affirm:

Affirmations for General Manifestations

My desires are sacred

What I want is entirely justified

I'm allowed to want what I want

I'm opening the doors to my manifestations

I am no longer blocking happiness

I feel safe receiving what I desire

I know I can handle what I asked for

All my prayers are heard and answered on the spot

Miracles are my norm

I am a walking miracle and miracles walk with me

Affirmations for Abundance

The universe is expanding and so am I

There is more than enough of everything

More is being created at all times

I welcome abundance in my life without any guilt or sense of limitation

I have a right to receive abundance simply because I am here

I give myself permission to live an abundant life

F%ck guilt

I am a sacred being floating in the Universe, Abundance is the bare minimum for me

I can bathe in abundance like I can in the Summer Sun without it ever running out

I'm already here so I might as well let it all in

Some people like longer or shorter affirmations. Maybe you want to add a specific thing (or name) in your version of any of the above. GO FOR IT. Whether it's a specific BMW, a new career, a relationship or a house. You can have it. How... It doesn't matter and it's not your business for now. Let the magic happen by locking in your chosen beliefs and watch how the good stuff just piles up on your!

Let me know if you enjoyed these or share your own affirmations in the comments below!

Take care and have a great day... on purpose!



PS: if you're ready to dive deeper, check out my spiritual life coaching bundles, available until filled up for the year!

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