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Manifesting Love or an SP: A Breakthrough Tip

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

The process of manifesting love can reveal many aspects of our mindset that need a little work. That's a great opportunity! Here's an example of a breakthrough that is a true game changer when manifesting a new partner or an SP.

Sometimes we think that there is something broken with us, that there is something wrong because we've been disappointed by past relationships or because we tried manifesting a relationship or person and it didn't work...

As a result we just don't believe in our ability to receive love anymore.

There's a lot of talk in the manifesting community about how important it is to feel worthy of love - or anything for that matter - to be able to receive it. And it's true: You have to feel good enough to receive something. That's step one. But there's a little trick that we don't talk about so much and that's your faith in your own ability to receive and manage your manifestation, including the relationship itself once the text or date has come to pass.

This realization came to me during a recent coaching session with a client. She's advanced at manifesting and has been working on herself through therapy and spiritual growth for years. After a difficult relationship and a break up that repeated a trauma related pattern, she was willing to try and manifest love again (Note: I am writing this with her consent and her identity remains 100% anonymous.)

In our breakthrough session, we discussed her belief systems and investigated the reason why some things had come through for her while others had not yet come to pass. There must have been a cog in the wheel.

We established very clearly that she felt worthy of love. She loves herself, cares for herself and deeply believes in love. All those boxes were checked! So... What the heck?

We dived deeper in her past and present to assess the space that was available for a man and a relationship in her life. We looked at the actual set up of her daily life. And that's when the breakthrough happened. Because of the way previous relationships had unfolded and ended, she had developed a lack of faith in her ability to manage and handle the relationship itself. EUREKA!

She knew she could be loved. She knew she was worthy and able to love in return. But she absolutely did not know what she would do with the relationship itself and where it would sit in her life once it would come through. And so... she was blocking it entirely.

That's different from the feeling of worthiness: it's really a matter of skills and faith in them.

Because things didn't work out in the past, it's easy and natural to develop the belief that you're not good at this just like if you had one job after another where you keep getting fired or making big mistakes... You would most likely be discouraged and lose your faith in your ability to perform or keep a position.

If your love manifestation has not been coming in despite your best efforts and true feeling of worthiness, then ask yourself: Do you actually feel up for it? Do you feel capable? Do you have faith in your own ability to receive and keep a relationship? Or did you block the door with an office chair by fear of what to do once it would become a reality...

Let me know if this helps by leaving a comment below!

And if you need some extra help, check out my coaching sessions here

Take care,

Lou x

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