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28 Powerful Affirmations to Manifest Deeper Love

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Are you trying to manifest a new love into your life? Bring back a specific person or improve your current relationship? I got you. These 28 affirmations and the guided meditation below will help you manifest a stronger bond with your partner or meet the right person.

If you're looking for love, these will help you open your heart and let LOVE IN. If you're not exactly in the right place with your person, these will help you shift your vibration.

Before you start repeating, thinking or whispering those affirmations (whispering is my favorite affirmation technique - I talk about it on TikTok), consider this:

let go of any judgement or preconception of what love and relationships are. To get in this right state of mind to manifest anything, I like to ask myself:

If nothing was in the way, how would this look like?

Which often shifts to SINCE nothing is in the way... and I get going:

  1. I am so worthy of love

  2. I am worthy of true love

  3. I deserve respect

  4. I believe in love

  5. I deserve happiness

  6. I know that I am a wonderful partner

  7. I bring value to other people's lives

  8. I am radiating love

  9. I am a magnet for love

  10. I know love is natural, it is ma birth right

  11. I trust love and I trust my path

  12. I understand my partner's needs

  13. I am trustworthy

  14. I deserve to be showered in love

  15. I know that love is all around me and readily available

  16. I know this Universe provides

  17. I do not need to settle

  18. I love myself

  19. I deserve earth shattering love

  20. I deserve commitment

  21. I am worthy of everything that I want

  22. I know my desires are no accidents

  23. I choose to believe in myself

  24. I carry myself with confidence

  25. I attract people of high quality

  26. I am a magnet for the exact kind of love I desire

  27. I choose to attract exactly what I want

  28. I am ready to receive the love that I want

And because I love you, I put these affirmations in a guided meditation that I invite you to try and do every day for a week to shift your love vibration!

And now say it one more time with me:


Take care,


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